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Knurling Calculator: Master the Art of Knurling

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Knurling is a process that involves embossing a pattern onto a metal workpiece's surface. It's a method commonly used in machining, where the knurled surface provides a better grip when compared to a smooth surface. In some instances, knurling can also be used to improve the aesthetic appeal of a finished product.

To help you understand and easily perform knurling calculations, we have developed the Knurling Calculator. This tool helps to estimate the knurling dimensions and pattern, enhancing the accuracy and efficiency of your machining projects.

Formula Used in the Knurling Calculator

The key to getting accurate results with the Knurling Calculator is understanding the formula it uses. The general formula for knurling is:

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Knurling Diameter = Original Diameter + (2 x Depth of Knurl)

Depth of knurl refers to the depth to which the knurling tool penetrates the surface of the workpiece.

Using the Knurling Calculator

To use our Knurling Calculator, you will need to input the following details:

  1. Original Diameter: The original diameter of the workpiece before knurling.
  2. Depth of Knurl: The depth to which the knurling tool is set to penetrate the surface of the workpiece.

Once you've input these details, simply click on the "Calculate" button and the calculator will instantly give you the knurling diameter.

Example of a Knurling Calculation

Let's say we have a workpiece with an original diameter of 20mm, and the depth of knurl we've set is 0.5mm. Plugging these values into the formula, we get:

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Knurling Diameter = 20mm + (2 x 0.5mm) = 21mm

This tells us that, after knurling, the diameter of our workpiece will be 21mm.


The Knurling Calculator is an incredibly useful tool for anyone involved in the machining industry. It not only saves time but also enhances accuracy. Give it a try today to see how it can simplify your knurling calculations!

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