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Quantum Efficiency Calculator

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Quantum Efficiency (QE) is a fundamental concept in quantum mechanics and photonics, specifically within the realm of photodetectors. It’s a measure of a device’s effectiveness in converting incident photons into electrons. As part of our ongoing series on quantum calculators, we’ll delve into the Quantum Efficiency Calculator in this article.

What is Quantum Efficiency?

Quantum efficiency, in the context of photodetectors, is the ratio of the number of photoelectrons, or charge carriers, produced by a photodetector to the number of photons hitting the detector’s photosensitive area. A higher quantum efficiency means a photodetector can convert more incident light into electric current and is, therefore, more effective.

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Quantum Efficiency Formula

The quantum efficiency (η) can be calculated using the following formula:

η = (Number of Photoelectrons / Number of Incident Photons)

In other words, quantum efficiency is the number of photoelectrons produced per incident photon.

Quantum Efficiency Calculator

To simplify the calculation process and reduce the chance of errors, we have created a Quantum Efficiency Calculator. This calculator requires two inputs: the number of photoelectrons and the number of incident photons.

Using the Quantum Efficiency Calculator

  1. Input the number of photoelectrons produced by the photodetector.
  2. Enter the number of incident photons on the photodetector.
  3. Click “Calculate” to get the quantum efficiency.
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The calculator ensures that the values entered are valid and greater than zero. If the inputs meet the required criteria, it calculates the quantum efficiency and displays the result.


Quantum efficiency is a vital parameter in the field of photonics, affecting the performance of photodetectors and other optical devices. Our Quantum Efficiency Calculator simplifies the process of calculating quantum efficiency, saving time and reducing the potential for errors. Whether you’re a student, researcher, or industry professional, this tool can prove to be invaluable.

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