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Pitch Calculator Online

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The Pitch Calculator is a valuable tool used in engineering and construction for determining the center-to-center distance between holes in a perforated plate. It aids in precision and accuracy when designing structures involving perforated materials.

Formula of Pitch Calculator

The formula for the Pitch Calculator is:

P = √((A_total - A_hole) / N)


  • P represents the pitch (center-to-center distance between holes).
  • A_total stands for the total area of the perforated plate.
  • A_hole denotes the total area of the holes in the perforated plate.
  • N represents the number of holes.

General Terms Table/Calculator

For the convenience of users, here is a table of general terms related to the Pitch Calculator that people commonly search for:

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PitchCenter-to-center distance between holes
Perforated PlateMaterial with holes punched through
Total AreaOverall area of the perforated material
Hole AreaCumulative area occupied by all the holes
Number of HolesQuantity of holes present in the perforated plate

Example of Pitch Calculator

Consider a scenario where you have a perforated plate with a total area of 50 m², hole area of 10 m², and 5 holes. Applying the formula:

P = √((50 - 10) / 5) = √(40 / 5) = √8 = 2.83 m² (approx.)

This calculation yields a pitch of approximately 2.83 meters.

Most Common FAQs

Q: Can the Calculator be used for materials other than perforated plates?

A: Yes, this calculator is design to determine pitch for any material with a perforated pattern, such as meshes or screens.

Q: Can I rely on this calculation for precise measurements?

The Pitch Calculator provides a reliable estimate for the center-to-center distance between holes; however, exact measurements may vary based on specific factors.

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