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Most frequent questions and answers

Our AI Calculator is powered by ChatGPT, enabling it to understand and solve a wide array of calculations. From simple arithmetic to complex computational tasks across various domains, our calculator ensures accurate and efficient results every time.

Yes, our AI Calculator is designed to tackle both simple and complex calculations. It comprehends natural language input, allowing you to express your calculation needs just like you would in a conversation.

Simply enter your calculation query in the input field, and our AI Calculator will interpret your request and provide you with a precise answer. You can phrase your query in natural language or use mathematical expressions.

Absolutely! Our AI Calculator is built upon ChatGPT, a robust and reliable language model developed by OpenAI. We ensure that all calculations are accurate and trustworthy.

Yes, users have the ability to save their calculation history for easy access and reference in the future.

Tokens represent chunks of text or command in AI communication. Each of our subscription plans provides a set number of tokens, indicating the extent of interactions you can have with our AI in a given timeframe.

Yes, you can. All our plans are flexible and allow users to cancel anytime without any long-term commitments.