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Gear Pump Displacement Calculator Online

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Hydraulic gear pumps are integral components in many industries, making fluid handling seamless and efficient. To optimize their usage, it's essential to understand how they operate.


A gear pump displacement calculator is a digital tool designed to compute the volume of fluid a hydraulic gear pump delivers per revolution. By inputting relevant values, it allows engineers and technicians to estimate pump efficiency and performance, thereby aiding proper pump selection and maintenance.

Detailed Explanation of Calculator's Working

The gear pump displacement calculator works based on the geometrical properties of the gear pump and its operational characteristics. It takes four inputs: the diameters of the outer and inner gears, the gear length, and the number of gear revolutions per time unit. Using these values, the calculator employs a specific formula to compute the displacement value, representing the fluid volume the pump can deliver.

Formula and Variables Description

The formula used by the gear pump displacement calculator is:

Displacement = (π/4) * (D^2 - d^2) * L * N

In this formula:

  • Displacement is the fluid volume delivered per pump revolution.
  • π is a mathematical constant (~3.14159).
  • D is the diameter of the outer gear.
  • d is the diameter of the inner gear.
  • L is the gear length.
  • N is the number of gear revolutions per time unit.

Each variable plays a vital role in determining the displacement.


For instance, consider a gear pump with an outer gear diameter (D) of 5 units, inner gear diameter (d) of 2 units, gear length (L) of 4 units, and makes 10 revolutions per time unit (N). The displacement can be calculated using the formula, which gives a displacement of approximately 188.5 cubic units.


Hydraulic Systems

In hydraulic systems, gear pumps are used for fluid power transmissions. The displacement calculator aids in choosing the right pump for specific operations.

Automotive Industry

In the automotive industry, gear pumps facilitate operations like braking, steering, and others. The calculator is used to ensure optimal performance.


How is the gear pump displacement calculator helpful?

The gear pump displacement calculator simplifies the process of estimating the fluid delivery of a gear pump per revolution, which is crucial in selecting the right pump for different applications and in ensuring its efficient operation.

Can the calculator be used for all gear pumps?

The calculator can be applied to gear pumps where the pump's outer and inner gears are cylindrical. For pumps with different gear profiles, additional factors might need to be considered.


The gear pump displacement calculator is an indispensable tool for any professional working with hydraulic gear pumps. By providing a quick and accurate way to calculate pump displacement, it facilitates efficient pump selection, maintenance, and operation. Ultimately, understanding this calculator is key to maximizing the potential of your gear pump systems.

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