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Exhaust Header Diameter Calculator Online

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The Exhaust Header Diameter Calculator is a simple and practical tool designed to help automotive enthusiasts and engineers to calculate the optimal exhaust header pipe diameter for their engine setup.

The Formula

The calculator uses a basic formula to determine the exhaust header pipe diameter:

D = √((Displacement × Max RPM) / (88 × 1,728))


  • D is the exhaust header diameter
  • Displacement is the total engine displacement in cubic inches
  • Max RPM is the engine's maximum revolutions per minute

Working of the Calculator

The calculator takes two inputs - the engine displacement and the maximum RPM.

  • The engine displacement is the total volume of all the cylinders in an engine, measured in cubic inches. It can be calculated by multiplying the area of one cylinder (based on bore diameter) by the stroke length and then by the number of cylinders.
  • The maximum RPM (revolutions per minute) is the maximum number of turns in one minute the engine can do without causing unnecessary damage to itself. This is often set by the manufacturer.
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The calculator then plugs these values into the formula and outputs the suggested exhaust header pipe diameter in inches.


Let's take a scenario where an engine has a displacement of 350 cubic inches and a maximum RPM of 6000.

When we input these values into the calculator, the formula becomes:

D = √((350 × 6000) / (88 × 1,728))

The calculator then performs the multiplication and division operations to obtain the square root value, which gives us the exhaust header diameter.

In this case, the result would be approximately 1.75 inches.

This implies that for this specific engine, an exhaust header pipe with a diameter of 1.75 inches would be optimal for the engine's performance.

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This Exhaust Header Diameter Calculator makes the process of calculating the appropriate exhaust header pipe diameter quick and easy. By using this calculator, car enthusiasts and mechanics can ensure that they are using the best possible exhaust header pipe size for their specific engine, thereby optimizing engine performance.

Please note that this is a simplification and other factors such as exhaust gas temperature, exhaust velocity, and the type of engine can affect the ideal header diameter. It is always best to consult with a professional when modifying a vehicle.

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