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Floraplex Terpene Calculator Online

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The world of cannabis and hemp formulation often requires precise calculations, one of which involves terpenes – volatile compounds responsible for the aroma and flavor of these plants. A specialized tool that comes to the rescue of chemists and product formulators is the Floraplex Terpene Calculator.


Terpene Calculator, in the context of Floraplex, is a tailored digital tool that enables precise calculation of the amount of terpenes to be added in a product formulation, considering the current formulation weight and desired terpene concentration.

Understanding the Calculator

The Floraplex Terpene Calculator operates based on a mathematical formula. Users enter their current formulation weight and their desired terpene concentration. The calculator then computes the exact amount of terpenes, in grams, that need to be added to achieve the specified concentration.

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Decoding the Calculator Formula

The underlying formula for the Floraplex Terpene Calculator is as follows: T = 0.1 W C + 0.1 C² (0.01 W), where ‘T’ represents the amount of terpenes to be added (in grams), ‘W’ denotes the current formulation weight (in grams), and ‘C’ stands for the desired terpene concentration (in %). The formula incorporates a quadratic component to ensure higher precision.

Example of Using the Calculator

Let’s say your current formulation weight is 100 grams and your desired terpene concentration is 3%. Plugging these values into the calculator would yield around 3.09 grams, indicating the precise amount of terpenes you need to add to your formulation.

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Practical Applications

  • Product Formulation: Ensures consistency in product taste and smell by precisely calculating terpene additions.
  • Research and Development: Aids in developing new formulations by giving accurate terpene measurements.
  • Quality Control: Assists in achieving desired product standards through accurate terpene concentration.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the Floraplex Terpene Calculator?

The Floraplex Terpene Calculator is a digital tool designed to calculate the precise amount of terpenes to be added to a formulation, considering the current weight and desired terpene concentration.


The Floraplex Terpene Calculator serves as an indispensable tool for those involved in cannabis and hemp product formulation. By providing accurate calculations, it not only ensures product consistency but also aids in research and development.

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