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Boiler Horsepower Calculator Online

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The boiler horsepower calculator is a specialized tool designed to determine the capacity of steam boilers. This capacity is measured in boiler horsepower, a unit of power that reflects the boiler’s ability to produce steam. In essence, the calculator evaluates how much steam a boiler can generate at a specific pressure. This measurement is vital for designing steam systems, ensuring adequate steam supply for various industrial processes, and optimizing boiler operations.

The significance of boiler horsepower lies in its ability to provide a clear and standardized metric for comparing boiler capacities. This makes it easier for industry professionals to select, design, and operate boilers efficiently, ensuring that they meet the specific steam requirements of their operations.

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Formula of Boiler Horsepower Calculator

To calculate boiler horsepower, the following formula is used:


  • Q is the rate of steam flow in pounds per hour (lb/hr).
  • P is the pressure of the steam in pounds per square inch absolute (psia).

This formula is the cornerstone of determining boiler horsepower, allowing for the calculation of a boiler’s capacity based on the steam flow rate and pressure.

Additionally, various conversions are often necessary for practical applications, including:

  • Converting square feet of Equivalent Direct Radiation (EDR) from steam to water and vice versa.
  • Relating boiler horsepower to square feet of EDR or pounds per hour of steam.

These conversions are crucial for engineers and technicians working with boiler systems, facilitating the accurate calculation and comparison of boiler capacities.

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General Terms and Conversion Table

For convenience and to aid in understanding, here’s a table summarizing common conversions related to boiler horsepower and steam systems:

sq.ft. EDR steam (240 Btu/hr)sq.ft. EDR water (160 Btu/hr)1.5
sq.ft. EDR water (160 Btu/hr)sq.ft. EDR steam (240 Btu/hr)0.67
Boiler hp (33.5 MBtu/hr)sq.ft. EDR steam (240 Btu/hr)140
Boiler hp (33.5 MBtu/hr)sq.ft. EDR water (160 Btu/hr)223
Boiler hp (33.5 MBtu/hr)lb. per hr. steam (970 Btu/hr)34.5
lb. per hr. steam (970 Btu/hr)sq.ft. EDR water (160 Btu/hr)6.06
lb. per hr. steam (970 Btu/hr)sq.ft. EDR steam (240 Btu/hr)4.04

These conversions facilitate quick references and calculations without the need for a calculator, making it easier for users to estimate and understand boiler capacities and requirements.

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Example of Boiler Horsepower Calculator

To illustrate the application of the boiler horsepower calculation formula, consider a steam boiler producing 10,000 lb/hr of steam at a pressure of 100 psia. Using the formula:

BHP = (10,000 * 100) / 33,475

Calculating this gives a boiler horsepower of approximately 29.8 BHP. This example demonstrates how to determine the capacity of a steam boiler using the provided formula, offering a clear, practical application for industry professionals.

Most Common FAQs

1. What is boiler horsepower?

Boiler horsepower is a unit of measurement that indicates the capacity of a steam boiler to produce steam. It’s a crucial metric for designing and operating steam systems in various industrial applications.

2. How do I convert EDR to boiler horsepower?

To convert EDR to boiler horsepower, use the conversion factors provided in the table. For example, to convert square feet of EDR steam to boiler horsepower, divide the number of square feet by 140.

3. Why is the pressure of steam included in the boiler horsepower calculation?

The pressure of steam is a critical factor in the boiler horsepower calculation because it directly affects the energy content and the ability of the steam to perform work. Higher pressure steam contains more energy, contributing to a higher boiler horsepower.

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