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700R4 Speedometer Gear Calculator Online

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The 700R4 Speedometer Gear Calculator is a valuable tool used by automotive enthusiasts and professionals to determine the appropriate gear ratio needed for accurate speedometer readings in vehicles equipped with a 700R4 transmission. This calculator assists in finding the correct number of teeth required on the speedometer gear to ensure precise speed readings.

Formula of 700R4 Speedometer Gear Calculator

The calculation for determining the number of driven teeth utilizes the following formula:

Driven Teeth = (Drive Teeth x Axle Ratio x Tire Revolutions per Mile) / 1000


  • Driven Teeth: This represents the number of teeth need on the speedometer gear, which is the gear being find.
  • Drive Teeth: This denotes the number of teeth on the drive gear located on the transmission output shaft. For the 700R4 transmission, this value is typically fix, often at 15 teeth.
  • Axle Ratio: The axle ratio refers to the ratio of the number of turns the driveshaft makes compared to one revolution of the wheels. This ratio can be found in the vehicle’s manual or through online resources.
  • Tire Revolutions per Mile: This indicates the number of times the vehicle’s tires rotate for every mile traveled. It is calculated using the formula:
Tire Revolutions per Mile = 63360 / (Tire Diameter in Inches x Pi)

Where Pi is a mathematical constant approximately equal to 3.14159.

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Table of General Terms

TermDefinitionImportance for Selecting Speedometer Gear
Speedometer GearA gear on the transmission tailshaft that transmits rotation to the speedometer cable. The number of teeth on this gear affects the speedometer reading.Choosing the correct gear ensures your speedometer displays accurate speed based on your tire size and axle ratio.
Drive GearThe gear on the transmission output shaft that rotates the speedometer gear.This typically has a fixed number of teeth (often 15 for 700R4 transmissions) and is a constant factor in the calculation.
Axle RatioThe ratio between the number of times the driveshaft rotates and one revolution of the wheels.This value significantly impacts the relationship between wheel rotation and vehicle speed.
Tire Revolutions per MileThe number of times your tires complete a full rotation for every mile traveled.This value depends on your tire diameter and is factored into the calculation to account for tire size changes.
Speedometer Gear CalculatorA web-based tool that simplifies the process of determining the appropriate number of teeth needed on the speedometer gear for your specific vehicle configuration.This calculator eliminates manual calculations using the formula and provides a user-friendly way to find the correct gear.

Note: This table is for informational purposes only and should not be a substitute for consulting a qualified mechanic for installation of the chosen speedometer gear.

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Example of 700R4 Speedometer Gear Calculator

Suppose a vehicle with a 700R4 transmission has a drive gear with 15 teeth, an axle ratio of 3.73, and tires with a diameter of 28 inches. Using the formula provided, we can calculate the number of driven teeth required for accurate speedometer readings.

Driven Teeth = (15 * 3.73 * (63360 / (28 * 3.14159))) / 1000

After performing the calculation, we find that the number of driven teeth needed is approximately X.

Most Common FAQs

Q: Can I use the calculator for other transmission types?

A: While this calculator is specifically design for the 700R4 transmission, similar calculations may be applicable to other transmission types with appropriate adjustments.

Q: What if my tire diameter is not in inches?

A: Ensure that all measurements are in inches for accurate calculations. Convert tire diameter from other units to inches before using the calculator.

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