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Board Foot Calculator Log Online

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A Board Foot Calculator Log is a specialized tool designed to estimate the volume of wood in a log in board feet, which is a unit of measurement representing a square foot of lumber one inch thick. The calculator uses a formula to give a quick and easy estimate, aiding in the valuation and pricing of lumber. This tool is essential for anyone in the lumber industry, from sawmill operators to carpenters, ensuring fair trade and efficient resource management.

Formula of Board Foot Calculator Log

The standard formula used by a Board Foot Calculator Log is:

This formula requires the diameter of the log in inches (measured at the smaller end) and the length in feet. It’s important to note that this formula subtracts four inches from the diameter before calculation to account for the bark and assumes a cylindrical shape of the log. Remember, this formula provides an estimate and may not account for defects or irregular shapes.

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Table for General Use

To further assist users, a table of common log sizes and their corresponding board foot volumes simplifies the process, eliminating the need for manual calculations. This table serves as a quick reference guide for standard log sizes, enhancing usability and convenience.

Diameter (inches)Length (feet)Board Feet (approx.)

Note: This table is for illustration purposes and uses the provided formula for calculations. Actual values may vary based on log shape and condition.

Example of Board Foot Calculator Log

To illustrate, let’s calculate the board feet for a log with a diameter of 20 inches and a length of 10 feet:

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Board Feet = ((20 – 4) / 4)² × 10 = 160

This example demonstrates how to use the formula, showing that the log contains approximately 160 board feet of wood.

Most Common FAQs

How do I measure the diameter of a log?

Measure the diameter at the smaller end of the log, inside the bark, using a tape measure. This measurement is crucial for accurate calculations.

Is this calculator suitable for professional use?

Yes, while it provides an estimate, it’s a valuable tool for professionals in the lumber industry to quickly gauge the volume of wood in a log. For more precise measurements, consider the log’s shape, defects, and wood type.

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