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Diametral Pitch Calculator Online

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The Diametral Pitch Calculator is a valuable tool used in engineering and manufacturing to determine the diametral pitch of a gear. But what exactly does it mean? Let's break it down.

Formula of Diametral Pitch Calculator

The formula for calculating diametral pitch is quite simple:

P = N / D


  • P is the diametral pitch,
  • N is the number of teeth, and
  • D is the pitch diameter.

Example of Diametral Pitch Calculator

Let's say we have a gear with 30 teeth and a pitch diameter of 3 inches. Using the formula, we can calculate the diametral pitch:

P = 30 / 3 = 10

So, the diametral pitch of this gear is 10 inches.

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General Terms Table

Diametral PitchThe number of teeth per inch of gear diameter.
Pitch DiameterThe diameter of the pitch circle of a gear.
Number of TeethThe total number of teeth on a gear.
ModuleThe unit of size that defines the gear's pitch.

This table provides general terms related to gear calculations, making it easier for users to understand without having to calculate each time.

Most Common FAQs

Q: How do I measure the pitch diameter?

A: The pitch diameter of a gear can be measured using specialized tools such as calipers or gear measurement machines. It's the diameter of the imaginary circle that passes through the point where the teeth of the gear mesh.

Q: Can diametral pitch be convert to other units?

A: Yes, diametral pitch can be convert to metric units using appropriate conversion factors. However, it's important to note that diametral pitch is typically used in imperial units in the United States.

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