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Decimal Ratio Calculator Online

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The Decimal Ratio Calculator is a handy tool designed to simplify the process of calculating the decimal ratio between two numbers. It efficiently performs the division operation required to determine the ratio, providing users with quick and accurate results.

Formula of Decimal Ratio Calculator

The formula used by the Calculator is straightforward:

Decimal Ratio = (Number 1) / (Number 2)


  • “Number 1” represents the first number in the ratio.
  • “Number 2” represents the second number in the ratio.

General Terms Table

Here is a table of general terms related to decimal ratios that users commonly search for:

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Decimal RatioThe result of dividing one number by another.
RatioA relationship between two quantities.
DivisionThe process of splitting a quantity into parts.
ProportionThe comparative relation between two quantities.

This table serves as a reference guide for users, providing them with relevant terms and definitions related to decimal ratios.

Example of Decimal Ratio Calculator

Let’s illustrate the use of the Calculator with an example:

Suppose we have two numbers:

  • Number 1 = 15
  • Number 2 = 5

By applying the formula mentioned earlier, we can calculate the decimal ratio:

Decimal Ratio = 15 / 5 Decimal Ratio = 3

So, in this example, the decimal ratio between 15 and 5 is 3.

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Most Common FAQs

What is a decimal ratio?

A decimal ratio represents the result of dividing one number by another, expressed as a decimal value.

How do I use the Calculator?

Simply input the two numbers you want to find the ratio between, and click the “Calculate” button. The calculator will then display the decimal ratio.

Can the calculator handle negative numbers?

Yes, the Calculator can handle both positive and negative numbers for accurate calculations.

Is the calculator suitable for complex ratios?

Yes, the calculator can handle any two numbers, regardless of complexity, to determine the decimal ratio.

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