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Booth’s Algorithm Calculator Online

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The Booth Algorithm Calculator is a practical tool based on the famed Booth’s algorithm, designed to perform binary multiplication with improved computational efficiency. It stands as a testament to the profound advancements made in the field of computer arithmetic.


Booth’s Algorithm Calculator takes two integers as inputs and delivers their product as output using the principles of Booth’s Algorithm. This calculator is part of the computational calculators category, aiming to optimize computer arithmetic operations by reducing the number of multiplication steps involved.

Detailed Explanation of the Calculator’s Working

The working of the Calculator is simple yet ingenious. It uses three registers: the accumulator (A), the multiplier (Q), and the previous Q (Q₀). It carries out a series of actions based on the least significant bits (LSBs) of Q and Q₀, including performing an addition, a subtraction, or doing nothing. This cycle repeats based on the number of bits in the multiplier.

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Formula and Variables Description

The Calculator follows a methodical process. If the LSBs of Q and Q₀ are (0,0) or (1,1), no action is required. If they’re (0,1), the calculator adds M and A, storing the result in A. If they’re (1,0), it subtracts M from A, storing the result in A. It then performs a right shift operation on A and Q, storing the previous Q into Q₀. After repeating this for N cycles (where N is the number of bits in the multiplier), the final product is stored in A and Q, which combined to provide the result.


For instance, consider multiplying 3 (0011 in binary) and 2 (0010 in binary). The Booth Algorithm Calculator will compute this using the defined steps, providing 6 as the final result.

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  • Binary Calculations: This calculator is invaluable for students, engineers, and researchers performing binary computations.
  • Computer Arithmetic: The Booth Algorithm Calculator is instrumental in advancing the efficiency of computer arithmetic operations.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the Booth Algorithm Calculator?

The Booth Algorithm Calculator is a tool that multiplies two integers, leveraging Booth’s Algorithm principles to deliver quick and accurate binary multiplication results.

Where can Booth Algorithm Calculator be applied?

The calculator is useful in binary calculations, computer arithmetic operations, and academic learning where binary multiplication is essential.

How does the Booth Algorithm Calculator work?

The calculator uses three registers, carries out specific actions based on the least significant bits (LSBs) of the multiplier and the previous multiplier, performs a series of addition or subtraction operations, and shifts right the registers.

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The Calculator is an indispensable tool that encapsulates the power of the Booth’s Algorithm. By leveraging this calculator, binary multiplication tasks become more streamlined, accessible, and efficient, underscoring the calculator’s immense value in a wide array of applications.

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