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Borax Pool Calculator Online

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Pools are a popular addition to homes and recreational centers, and maintaining their pH balance is crucial. This is where a Borax Pool Calculator comes into play.

What is a Borax Pool Calculator?

A Borax Pool Calculator is a mathematical tool used to compute the amount of borax needed to raise the pH level of a pool.

How Does the Calculator Work?

The Borax Pool Calculator operates on a simple principle. It uses the desired increase in pH and the pool’s volume to calculate the required amount of borax. The formula behind it is relatively straightforward, making it user-friendly and easy to understand.

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The formula used by the calculator is:

Amount of Borax (pounds) = (Desired increase in pH) x (Pool volume in gallons) x 1.5

Each variable in the formula has a significant role. The desired increase in pH is the targeted rise in pH level, while the pool volume is the total volume of your pool in gallons.


For instance, if you want to raise your pool’s pH by 0.2 units, and your pool’s volume is 15000 gallons, you would need (0.2 x 15000 x 1.5) = 4500 pounds of borax.

Applications of the Borax Pool Calculator

Home Use

The Borax Pool Calculator is primarily used in domestic settings to balance the pH of backyard swimming pools.

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Professional Use

Professionals in the pool maintenance industry also use this calculator to accurately balance the pH in public swimming pools, water parks, and spas.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need to balance my pool’s pH?

Balancing your pool’s pH ensures it’s safe for use. It helps prevent skin irritation and protects pool equipment from damage due to acidity or alkalinity.

How often should I use the Borax Pool Calculator?

You should use the Borax Pool Calculator whenever you notice a significant change in your pool’s pH levels or after heavy pool usage.


In conclusion, the Borax Pool Calculator is an indispensable tool in pool maintenance. It simplifies the process of pH balance, ensuring safe and enjoyable pool usage.

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Remember, this calculator belongs to the category of “pool maintenance calculators”. Therefore, it’s essential for anyone aiming for perfect pool health. Keeping your pool’s pH in check is not only necessary for the pool’s longevity but also for the safety and comfort of its users.

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