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Elliptical Machine Calories Burned Calculator Online

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The Elliptical Machine Calories Burned Calculator is a handy tool designed to estimate the number of calories burned during an elliptical training session. By inputting your weight in kilograms and the duration of your workout in hours, the calculator provides an approximation of the calories expended based on the metabolic equivalent of task (MET) for elliptical training.


The formula used by the Elliptical Machine Calories Burned Calculator is:

Calories Burned = (MET * weight in kg * duration in hours) / 2


  • MET (Metabolic Equivalent of Task): This is a measure of the energy cost of a specific physical activity. For elliptical training:
    • Light intensity: 4.0 METs
    • Moderate intensity: 5.0-8.0 METs
    • Vigorous intensity: 8.0+ METs
  • Weight: Your weight in kilograms.
  • Duration: The duration of the exercise session in hours.
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General Terms Table

Search TermDescription
Elliptical MachineA stationary exercise machine used for cardiovascular workouts.
Calories Burned CalculatorA tool for estimating the number of calories burned during various physical activities.


Let's say you weigh 70 kilograms (about 154 pounds) and you engage in moderate-intensity elliptical training for 1 hour. Using the formula provided:

Calories Burned = (5.0 * 70 * 1) / 2 ≈ (350) / 2 ≈ 175 kcal

So, you would burn approximately 175 calories during this workout session.

Most Common FAQs

1. How Accurate is the Elliptical Machine Calories Burn Calculator?

The accuracy of the calculator depends on the input data provided by the user. It uses a standard formula based on metabolic equivalents and weight, but individual variations such as fitness level and intensity of the workout may affect the actual calorie expenditure.

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2. Can I Use the Calculator for Other Cardio Exercises?

While this calculator is specifically tailored for elliptical training, similar formulas can be applied to estimate calorie burn for other cardio exercises. However, the MET value may vary depending on the activity, so it's essential to adjust accordingly.

3. How Can I Maximize Calorie Burn on the Elliptical Machine?

To maximize calorie burn on the elliptical machine, aim for longer durations of moderate to vigorous-intensity workouts. Additionally, incorporating interval training and varying resistance levels can help increase overall calorie expenditure.

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