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Ellipsoid Calculator Online

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The Ellipsoid Calculator is a powerful tool used to determine the surface area of an ellipsoid, a three-dimensional shape resembling a stretched-out sphere. Unlike simple geometric shapes such as cubes or cylinders, ellipsoids have varying axes lengths, making their surface area calculation more complex. With the Ellipsoid Calculator, users can easily input the dimensions of the ellipsoid and obtain its surface area, simplifying otherwise tedious manual calculations.

Formula of Ellipsoid Calculator

The formula used by the Ellipsoid Calculator is:

A = 4 * π * [(a * b + a * c + b * c) / 3]^(2/3)


  • a is the semi-major axis,
  • b is the semi-minor axis, and
  • c is the other semi-minor axis.
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This formula incorporates the mathematical principles necessary to calculate the surface area of an ellipsoid accurately.

Table of General Terms

To provide additional value to users, here’s a table of general terms related to ellipsoids that people often search for:

Semi-Major AxisThe longest radius of an ellipsoid, extending from the center to the furthest point on its surface.
Semi-Minor AxisThe shortest radius of an ellipsoid, extending from the center to the nearest point on its surface.
Surface AreaThe total area covering the outer surface of an ellipsoid.
EllipsoidA three-dimensional shape resembling a stretched-out sphere, characterized by varying axes lengths.

This table serves as a quick reference guide for users, aiding in their understanding of ellipsoids and related terms.

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Example of Ellipsoid Calculator

Let’s consider an example to illustrate the usage of the Ellipsoid Calculator:

Suppose we have an ellipsoid with the following dimensions:

  • Semi-Major Axis (a): 10 units
  • Semi-Minor Axis (b): 6 units
  • Other Semi-Minor Axis (c): 4 units

Using the Ellipsoid Calculator, we input these values and calculate the surface area:

A = 4 * π * [(10 * 6 + 10 * 4 + 6 * 4) / 3]^(2/3)

≈ 4 * π * [(160 / 3)]^(2/3)

≈ 4 * π * (53.333)^(2/3) ≈ 4 * π * 14.214 ≈ 178.63 units²

So, the surface area of the given ellipsoid is approximately 178.63 square units.

Most Common FAQs

Q: How do I measure the semi-major and semi-minor axes of an ellipsoid?

A: To measure the semi-major axis, find the longest distance from the center to the outermost point on the ellipsoid’s surface. For the semi-minor axes, measure the shortest distances from the center to points on the ellipsoid’s surface perpendicular to the semi-major axis.

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Q: Can I use the Calculator for irregular shapes?

A: No, the Ellipsoid Calculator is specifically designed for ellipsoids, which have symmetrical and predictable shapes. For irregular shapes, different formulas and tools are required for accurate calculations.

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