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Farad Calculator Online

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The Farad Calculator is designed to compute the capacitance of an electronic component or circuit. By entering the values of electric charge (Q) in coulombs and voltage (V) in volts, users can quickly determine the capacitance in farads. This calculation is crucial for designing circuits, troubleshooting, and educational purposes.

Formula of Farad Calculator

To calculate capacitance in farads (F), use the following formula:



  • C is the capacitance in farads (F),
  • Q is the electric charge in coulombs (C),
  • V is the voltage in volts (V).
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This formula is foundational in understanding how different components will behave in various circuit designs.

Table of General Terms

Below is a table of common terms related to capacitance that can help users interact with the Farad Calculator more effectively:

Farad (F)A unit of capacitance.Primary unit used in calculations.
Coulomb (C)A unit of electrical charge.Key input for calculating capacitance.
Volt (V)A unit of electrical potential.Necessary for determining the potential difference across components.

This reference will aid users in making quicker and more informed calculations without needing detailed conversions.

Example of Farad Calculator

Consider a scenario where you need to calculate the capacitance of a capacitor in a circuit with a charge of 5 coulombs and a potential difference of 10 volts. Using our formula:

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C = 5 C / 10 V = 0.5 F

This example demonstrates how to use the calculator to find the capacitance, which helps in selecting the right capacitor for your needs.

Most Common FAQs

What is the significance of capacitance in a circuit?

Capacitance measures a component's ability to store an electrical charge, directly impacting the circuit's performance and stability.

How accurate is the Farad Calculator?

The calculator is highly accurate, assuming the input values are correct. It is a reliable tool for educational and professional purposes.

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