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Cylindrical Capacitor Calculator: A Tool for Capacitance Estimation

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Understanding the capacitance of a cylindrical capacitor is crucial in many areas of electrical engineering and physics. Our Cylindrical Capacitor Calculator helps make these calculations straightforward and easy to understand.

Understanding Cylindrical Capacitor

A cylindrical capacitor consists of two concentric cylindrical conducting shells separated by a dielectric medium. The capacitance of such a capacitor depends on the properties of the dielectric material and the dimensions of the cylinders.

The capacitance C is given by the formula:

C = 2 * π * ε_0 * ε_r * h / ln(b/a)


  • C is the capacitance in Farads.
  • π is Pi (approximately 3.14159).
  • ε_0 is the permittivity of free space (8.8541878128 × 10^-12 Farads per meter).
  • ε_r is the relative permittivity (dielectric constant) of the material.
  • h is the height of the capacitor in meters.
  • a is the inner radius of the capacitor in meters.
  • b is the outer radius of the capacitor in meters.
  • ln denotes the natural logarithm.
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How to Use the Cylindrical Capacitor Calculator

Using the calculator is simple. Enter the relative permittivity (dielectric constant), height of the capacitor, inner radius of the capacitor, and outer radius of the capacitor. The calculator then provides the estimated capacitance in Farads.

Example Calculation

For example, consider a cylindrical capacitor with a relative permittivity of 2.2, height of 0.1 m, an inner radius of 0.01 m, and an outer radius of 0.02 m.

Entering these values into the calculator:

C = 2 * π * 8.8541878128 × 10^-12 * 2.2 * 0.1 / ln(0.02/0.01)

The calculator estimates the capacitance to be approximately 1.53973 × 10^-11 Farads.

In Conclusion

The Cylindrical Capacitor Calculator simplifies the process of calculating capacitance. However, always remember that actual capacitance can vary due to several factors in real-world scenarios. For critical applications, it’s recommended to consult with a professional. Enjoy exploring the fascinating world of electromagnetism!

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