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Polarization Calculator: Exploring Electric Polarization

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Electric polarization is a fundamental concept in understanding the behavior of materials under electric fields. Our Polarization Calculator is here to simplify these calculations, helping you delve deeper into the world of electromagnetism.

Deciphering Electric Polarization

Electric polarization P refers to the phenomenon where the positive and negative charges in a dielectric material reorient themselves when exposed to an external electric field. The extent of this reorientation is quantified by polarization.

The formula for calculating polarization is:

P = ε_0 * χ * E


  • P is the polarization.
  • ε_0 is the permittivity of free space (approximately 8.8541878128 × 10^-12 farads per meter).
  • χ is the electric susceptibility, which is a measure of how easily a material can become polarized.
  • E is the electric field strength.
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Utilizing the Polarization Calculator

The Polarization Calculator is straightforward. Simply input the electric susceptibility (unitless) and electric field strength (in volts per meter), and the calculator will return the estimated polarization in Coulombs per square meter.

Example Calculation

Let’s consider an example where the electric susceptibility χ is 0.5 and the electric field strength E is 100 V/m.

Inserting these values into the calculator:

P = 8.8541878128 × 10^-12 * 0.5 * 100

The calculator computes the polarization to be approximately 4.427094 × 10^-10 C/m².


The Polarization Calculator is an effective tool for understanding and computing electric polarization. Keep in mind that the actual polarization can differ due to various factors in real-world applications. Always consult with a professional for critical calculations.

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