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Esk8 Calculator Online

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Electric skateboarding, or ESK8, combines the thrill of traditional skateboarding with the advancements of modern technology. One critical aspect of this high-tech skateboarding is understanding your board’s potential speed. That’s where the ESK8 calculator comes into play.


The ESK8 calculator is an online tool designed for electric skateboard enthusiasts. It utilizes specific parameters such as the Motor KV rating, Battery Voltage, and Motor Gear Ratio to calculate the estimated speed of an ESK8 in miles per hour.

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How the Calculator Works

The ESK8 calculator takes three inputs: Motor KV rating, Battery Voltage, and Motor Gear Ratio. By inputting these values, you’ll obtain a precise speed estimation for your electric skateboard. This calculator operates on a fundamental ESK8 speed formula and provides results in an easy-to-understand manner.

Understanding the ESK8 Speed Formula

The formula used in the ESK8 calculator is as follows:

Speed (mph) = Motor KV rating * Battery Voltage * Motor Gear Ratio * 0.10472

Here, the Motor KV rating indicates the motor’s speed constant provided by the manufacturer. The Battery Voltage refers to the voltage of the battery pack used in the ESK8. Finally, the Motor Gear Ratio represents the ratio between the motor gear’s teeth and the wheel gear’s teeth.

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Practical Example: Calculating ESK8 Speed

Let’s say you have a motor with a 190KV rating, a 36V battery, and a gear ratio of 3.2:1. By entering these values into the ESK8 calculator, you can quickly get your board’s estimated top speed.

Applications of Calculator

Custom ESK8 Builds

For those building their own ESK8, this calculator is invaluable. It can guide your parts selection, ensuring your final build meets your speed expectations.

Pre-Built ESK8 Analysis

For those buying pre-built boards, this tool provides insights into the board’s performance potential before making a purchase.

Most Common FAQs

Can I use the calculator for other electric vehicles?

This calculator is specifically designed for ESK8s. Other vehicles might require additional considerations not covered by this tool.


The calculator simplifies the technical aspects of electric skateboarding, allowing enthusiasts to understand their boards better. Whether you’re building a custom ESK8 or buying a pre-built one, this tool brings clarity to your speed expectations.

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