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EDH Deck Power Level Calculator Online

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In the intricate world of Elder Dragon Highlander (EDH), or Commander, knowing the strength of your deck can be a significant advantage. A tool that offers such insight is the EDH Deck Power Level Calculator.

Definition of EDH Deck Power Level

An EDH Deck’s power level signifies the competitive strength of a particular deck. It gives you an indication of your deck’s potency, taking into consideration factors like card power, synergy, and consistency.

Working of the Calculator

The EDH Deck Power Level Calculator works on a formula that takes into account the average power of the cards, their synergy, and the deck’s consistency. By inputting these parameters, the calculator generates an overall power-level score for your deck.

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The formula

The formula used by the calculator is: Power Level = (Average Card Power + Synergy + Consistency) / 3. Each parameter is scored from 0 to 10, with 10 being the highest. The Average Card Power assesses the strength of individual cards, while Synergy looks at how well the cards work together. Consistency measures the reliability of your deck’s performance.

Illustrative Example of an EDH Deck Power Level Calculation

Suppose your deck has an Average Card Power of 7, Synergy of 8, and Consistency of 6. Inputting these scores into the calculator, your deck’s power level becomes (7+8+6) / 3 = 7. This means your deck has a reasonably high power level.

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Deck Building

The Calculator aids in deck building, helping players assess their deck’s strength and identifying areas for improvement.

Competitive Play

In competitive play, the calculator assists players in understanding their deck’s power level compared to their opponents.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the significance of an EDH Deck Power Level Calculator?

The EDH Deck Power Level Calculator is an essential tool for any EDH player. It provides a measurable understanding of your deck’s power level, taking into account your cards’ individual power, their synergy, and the overall consistency of your deck.

How accurate is the EDH Deck Power Level Calculator?

While the EDH Deck Power Level Calculator gives a general sense of your deck’s potency, it isn’t a definitive measure of success. The outcomes of games can still vary widely based on factors like player skill, luck, and match-ups.

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Can I use the calculator for other formats?

While designed for EDH, the calculator might still offer useful insights for other formats. However, keep in mind that each format has unique considerations that might not be fully covered by this calculator.


The Calculator is an invaluable tool for any player looking to enhance their deck-building skills and gameplay strategy. Understanding your deck’s power level can help you make informed decisions, giving you an edge over your opponents. Happy deck building!

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