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Area Rug Size Calculator Online

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Creating the perfect living space is a blend of aesthetics and practicality. A crucial element in achieving this balance is the right-sized area rug.


The Area Rug Size Calculator is a practical tool designed to calculate the ideal size for an area of a rug. By inputting the length and width of the space in feet, the calculator uses a specific formula to provide the appropriate rug size. This valuable tool falls under the category of Home Decor and Space Management calculators.

Working of the Calculator

The Calculator operates in a straightforward manner. It requires two primary inputs - the length and width of the room in feet. After receiving these dimensions, it performs a quick calculation and produces the optimal rug size, taking into consideration practical design rules.

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Formula and Variables Description

The core of the Area Rug Size Calculator is its formula: Area = (Length - 2) x (Width - 2). The variables in this formula are the length and width of the room, both measured in feet. It deducts two feet from each dimension to ensure the rug doesn't overrun the room's size. The calculated area is provided in square feet, offering a guideline for the rug's size.


Consider a room with a length of 12 feet and a width of 10 feet. Using the Area Rug Size Calculator, the calculated rug size will be (12-2) x (10-2) = 80 square feet. Hence, an 80 square feet rug will be an ideal fit for this room.

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Home Décor Planning

The calculator simplifies the process of choosing the right-sized rug, essential in planning the home décor.

Professional Interior Design

For interior designers, this tool proves beneficial in giving clients precise rug size suggestions, enhancing professional accuracy.


How does the Area Rug Size Calculator benefit me?

The Area Rug Size Calculator ensures that you choose the right-sized rug for any room. By doing so, it enhances the aesthetic appeal and practical functionality of the room.

Can I use the calculator for professional purposes?

Indeed, the Area Rug Size Calculator is a valuable tool for both individuals planning their home décor and professional interior designers.


The Calculator is a testament to how technology can simplify life. This tool, with its uncomplicated usability and precise calculations, aids in creating aesthetically pleasing and practical living spaces. So, the next time you're rug shopping, ensure to use this calculator for the perfect rug size!

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