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Mercari Fee Calculator Online

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Welcome to our in-depth guide about the Mercari Selling Fee Calculator, a crucial tool for sellers on the online marketplace, Mercari.


The Mercari Selling Fee Calculator is an online tool designed to help sellers on Mercari determine their selling fees. These fees, set by Mercari, are deducted from the sale price of the item, including the shipping cost.

Understanding the Mercari Selling Fee Calculator

To understand the calculator, one must input the sold price of the item and the shipping fee. The calculator then outputs the total selling fee, which is usually 10% of the total amount (sold price + shipping fee).

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Formula and Variable Explanation

The calculator uses the following formula: Fee = (Sold Price + Shipping Fee) * 0.1. In this formula, the Fee refers to the Mercari selling fee, the Sold Price is the amount the item was sold for, and the Shipping Fee is the cost of shipping the item.

Example Calculation

For instance, if you sold an item for $50 with a shipping fee of $5, the total selling fee would be $(50+5) * 0.1 = $5.5.


Price Estimation

The calculator allows sellers to predict the selling fee, giving a clear picture of the net income from the sale.

Profit Calculation

By subtracting the selling fee from the sold price, sellers can accurately calculate their profit.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Mercari selling fee?

The Mercari selling fee is a charge by Mercari for facilitating the sale of products on their platform. It’s typically 10% of the total amount (sold price + shipping fee).

How to use the Mercari selling fee calculator?

To use the calculator, input the sold price of your item and the shipping fee into the respective fields. The calculator will then compute the selling fee based on Mercari’s formula.


The Mercari Selling Fee Calculator is an essential tool for sellers on Mercari. Understanding how it works can help sellers make informed pricing decisions and accurately predict their profits. By incorporating this tool into your selling strategy, you can make the most out of your Mercari experience.

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