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Putting Calculator Online

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The putting calculator is a specialized tool used by golfers to assess their performance on the putting green. It provides a quantitative measure of a player’s putting performance, allowing them to understand how well they are doing and where they need improvement. The primary function of the putting calculator is to calculate a golfer’s Strokes Gained Putting (SGP), a metric that reveals how many strokes a player gains or loses compared to an average PGA Tour player.

Formula of Putting Calculator

The SGP is calculated using the following formula:

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SGP = (1 – (Probability of Hole Out)) – (1 – (Probability of Player’s Actual Performance))

Here’s how you calculate each part of the formula:

Probability of Hole Out: This represents the likelihood that an average PGA Tour player would hole out from the distance of the player’s first putt. To determine this, you can refer to tour statistics or reliable data sources. It’s essential to find the average number of strokes it takes for a player to hole out from a specific distance.

Probability of Player’s Actual Performance: This part of the formula accounts for the probability that a player will hole out in the same number of strokes they actually took. This calculation is based on the player’s real performance.

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General Terms Table

Strokes Gained PuttingA metric that measures putting performance.
PGA Tour PlayerProfessional golfers on the PGA Tour.
Probability of Hole OutThe likelihood of holing out on the green.
Player’s Actual PerformanceA player’s real putting performance.

Example of Putting Calculator

To illustrate the practical use of the putting calculator, let’s consider an example:

Suppose a golfer is putting from a certain distance, and the Probability of Hole Out is 20%. The golfer’s Actual Performance results in a Probability of Player’s Actual Performance of 15%. We can use the formula mentioned earlier to calculate the SGP:

SGP = (1 – 0.20) – (1 – 0.15) = -0.05

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In this case, the golfer’s SGP is -0.05, which indicates that they are losing 0.05 strokes compared to an average PGA Tour player from that distance.

Most Common FAQs

Q1: Can I use a putting calculator for my amateur game?

A1: Absolutely! Putting calculators are beneficial for golfers of all skill levels, not just professionals. They provide valuable insights into your putting performance.

Q2: How can I find the Probability of Hole Out for a specific distance?

A2: You can refer to tour statistics, golf data websites, or consult with experts in the field for this information.

Q3: Is the Putting Calculator accurate for assessing my putting skills?

A3: Yes, the calculator uses a reliable formula to gauge your performance compared to professional golfers.

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