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Radiant Calculator Online

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A practical online tool called the Radiant Calculator simplifies the calculation of radiant flux. Radiant flux (Φ) represents the rate at which a source emits or transmits radiant energy. To use the radiant calculator, you need to input the following values:

  • Radiant Energy (Joules, J): This is the total energy emitted or transmitted by the source.
  • Time (Seconds, s): The duration over which the energy is emitted or transmitted.

With these two essential inputs, the radiant calculator can swiftly and accurately compute the radiant flux in watts. This tool is particularly handy for engineers, scientists, and students dealing with radiation and energy-related calculations.

Formula of Radiant Calculator

You can calculate radiant flux (Φ) using the following formula:

Radiant Flux (Φ) = E / t


  • Φ is the radiant flux in watts (W).
  • E is the radiant energy in joules (J) emitted or transmitted by a source.
  • t is the time in seconds (s) over which the energy is emitted or transmitted.

General Terms Table

Radiant FluxWatts (W)
Radiant EnergyJoules (J)
TimeSeconds (s)

This table provides quick reference for users, eliminating the need for manual unit conversions and ensuring accurate calculations.

Example of Radiant Calculator

Let’s put the calculator to use with an example:

Suppose you have a light source that emits 1000 Joules of radiant energy in 10 seconds. To find the radiant flux, simply input these values into the calculator:

  • Radiant Energy (E) = 1000 J
  • Time (t) = 10 s

Hit the “Calculate” button, and the calculator will display the result:

Radiant Flux (Φ): 100 Watts (W)

It’s that simple! The calculator simplifies complex radiant flux calculations, making it a valuable tool for professionals and students alike.

Most Common FAQs

1. What is Radiant Flux?

Answer: Radiant flux (Φ) represents the rate at which a source emits or transmits radiant energy. This fundamental concept in the study of electromagnetic radiation and energy transfer is quantified in watts (W).

2. Where Can I Use Radiant Flux Calculations?

Answer: Radiant flux calculations are essential in various fields, including optics, thermodynamics, and engineering.

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