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Marker DIN Calculator Online

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The Marker DIN Calculator is an essential tool designed to help skiers adjust their ski bindings to the correct release setting, known as the DIN setting. This setting ensures that the ski bindings release the boots at the right moment during a fall, minimizing the risk of injury. The calculator considers several factors, including the skier’s ability, age, and weight, to compute a personalized DIN setting that aligns with the skier’s specific needs.

Formula of Marker DIN Calculator

The formula for calculating the DIN setting is as follows:

DIN = (S + A) * W / 75


  • DIN is the release setting for the bindings.
  • S is a factor based on the skier’s ability level. For beginners, this is typically around 2.5, while advanced skiers might have a factor closer to 3.5 or higher.
  • A is a factor based on the skier’s age. For adults, this is usually 0, but for juniors, it might be a positive value.
  • W is the skier’s weight in kilograms.
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This formula integrates critical aspects of the skier’s profile, ensuring a tailored approach to ski binding settings.

General Terms Table

Skier TypeAge GroupWeight (kg)Approx. DIN Setting
Junior (<14)ChildUnder 50Consult a professional


  • The table provides a broad overview for adult skiers and a cautionary note for junior skiers due to the greater variability in their physical development and skill level.
  • Skier Type is determined by the skier’s experience and comfort with different slopes and speeds.
  • Age Group distinguishes between adult and junior skiers to account for the different physiological and safety considerations.
  • Weight is a crucial factor in determining the DIN setting, reflecting the skier’s physical impact potential on the bindings.
  • Approx. DIN Setting offers a starting point for adjustments, which is fine-tune by a professional technician.
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Example of Marker DIN Calculator

Consider a 70 kg adult skier with an intermediate ability level (S = 3.0) and no age adjustment (A = 0). Using the formula:

DIN = (3.0 + 0) * 70 / 75 = 2.8

This example illustrates how to calculate the DIN setting, showing the skier that their bindings should be set around a DIN of 2.8 to ensure safety and performance.

Most Common FAQs

1. How often should I check my DIN setting?

It’s advisable to check your DIN setting at the start of each season and after any significant changes in your skiing ability, weight, or equipment.

3. Does the DIN setting differ between brands of ski bindings?

Yes, while the DIN standard is consistent, the precise implementation can vary slightly between brands. Always refer to your binding’s manual or a professional for brand-specific adjustments.

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