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APHG Test Calculator Online

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Understanding the relationship between geographical locations is an essential part of human geography. For students and professionals alike, the APHG (Advanced Placement Human Geography) test calculator serves as a useful tool for analyzing spatial interactions.

Definition of APHG Test Calculator

The APHG Test Calculator is a computational tool designed to estimate the interaction between two places based on their populations and the distance between them. This calculator is rooted in the Gravity Model, a social science and geography formula that predicts interaction based on these parameters.


The Calculator works on the principle of the Gravity Model. Users input the populations of two locations and the distance between them. The calculator then multiplies the two populations and divides the product by the square of the distance. The resulting figure represents the estimated interaction between the two places.

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APHG Test Calculator Formula

The formula used in the Calculator is as follows:

Interaction = (Population 1 * Population 2) / Distance²

Here, Population 1 and Population 2 represent the populations of the two places, and Distance represents the separation between them. This formula assumes that interaction increases with larger populations and decreases with greater distance.

Example of Usage

Suppose we have City A with a population of 500,000 and City B with a population of 1,000,000. The cities are 50 kilometers apart. Plugging these values into the calculator, we get:

Interaction = (500,000 * 1,000,000) / 50² = 2,000,000,000

The result implies a strong interaction between the two cities due to their substantial populations and relatively close proximity.

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Applications of APHG Test Calculator

  1. Urban Planning: Urban planners can use the Calculator to predict interactions between different parts of a city.
  2. Transportation Logistics: Logistic companies can use this calculator to optimize their routes based on potential interactions.

Most Common FAQs

What is the APHG Test Calculator?

The Calculator is a tool that estimates the interaction between two places based on their populations and the distance between them.

What formula does the Calculator use?

The calculator uses the Gravity Model formula: Interaction = (Population 1 * Population 2) / Distance².


In conclusion, the APHG Test Calculator is an efficient tool for estimating interactions between places, useful in fields like urban planning and logistics. Its ease of use and clear mathematical basis make it a reliable choice for students and professionals.

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