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Amara Wallpaper Calculator Online

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Wallpapering a room can be a daunting task, especially when it comes to calculations. How many rolls of wallpaper do you need to cover your walls without wasting material? The Amara Wallpaper Calculator is the solution you’ve been looking for. It’s an innovative tool that helps simplify these calculations, saving you time, money, and ensuring that your project goes as smoothly as possible.


An Amara Wallpaper Calculator is a specially designed digital tool that helps you accurately determine the number of wallpaper rolls you need for a room. It uses the dimensions of your walls and the coverage provided by each wallpaper roll to calculate the exact quantity needed, eliminating the guesswork and wastage.

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How the Amara Wallpaper Calculator Works

The Calculator works based on the principle of area calculation and division. It first takes the height and width of each wall you wish to wallpaper. By multiplying these two figures, it determines the total area of the wall. The calculator then divides this area by the coverage area provided by one roll of your chosen wallpaper. The result is the precise number of rolls you need to cover your walls.

The Wallpaper Calculation Formula Explained

The Amara Wallpaper Calculator’s key is the formula: Number of Rolls = Total Wall Area / Coverage per Roll. “Total Wall Area” is calculated by multiplying the height and width of each wall. “Coverage per Roll” is a figure usually provided by the wallpaper manufacturer, indicating how much area one roll can cover. Dividing the total area of your walls by the coverage each roll provides gives you the exact number of rolls needed.

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Real-Life Example of Wallpaper Calculation

For instance, let’s assume you have a 3m high and 4m wide wall, and the wallpaper you chose covers 10 square meters per roll. The calculator will multiply 3m (height) by 4m (width) to get a total wall area of 12 square meters. It then divides this figure (12 sq m) by the coverage per roll (10 sq m), giving you a result of 1.2 rolls. As you can’t buy 0.2 of a roll, you’ll need to purchase 2 rolls for this wall.

Practical Applications of the Amara Wallpaper Calculator

The Amara Wallpaper Calculator is ideal for DIY enthusiasts, interior decorators, and construction professionals. Its accuracy helps in planning and budgeting wallpaper projects effectively. Whether you’re redecorating a single room or working on a large commercial project, this calculator ensures you buy the right quantity of wallpaper, preventing wastage and unnecessary costs.

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FAQs About the Amara Wallpaper Calculator

Can I use the Amara Wallpaper Calculator for any wallpaper?

Yes. The calculator works with any wallpaper as long as you have the coverage information for each roll.

What if my wall isn’t perfectly rectangular?

For walls with irregular shapes, calculate the area of each distinct rectangular or square section separately, then add them together before inputting them into the calculator.


The Calculator is a valuable tool for anyone planning a wallpaper project. Accurately calculating the number of wallpaper rolls needed eliminates guesswork, saves money, and contributes to a smoother, more efficient project execution. No more headaches about wasted materials or extra trips to the store. With the Amara Wallpaper Calculator, you’ll get it right the first time.

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