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Froude Number Calculator Online

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The Froude Number Calculator is a specialized tool designed to measure the influence of gravity on fluid motion in various environments. This dimensionless number plays a crucial role in predicting and analyzing the behavior of liquids and gases in motion, particularly in the fields of hydraulic engineering, naval architecture, and riverine and coastal engineering. Understanding the Froude number helps in designing efficient and safe structures by assessing wave resistance, flow regimes, and sediment transport.

Formula of Froude Number Calculator

The formula to calculate the Froude number (Fr) is:


  • Fr – Froude number (no units)
  • v – velocity of the fluid (m/s)
  • g – acceleration due to gravity (typically 9.81 m/s²)
  • l – characteristic length (m)
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The characteristic length (l) can vary depending on the specific application. Here are some common examples:

General Terms and Conversion Table

Froude Number (Fr)Flow RegimeCharacteristics
Fr < 1Subcritical Flow– Streamlined flow with minimal wave formation on the water surface. – Gentle ripples or no visible waves might be present.
Fr ≈ 1Critical Flow– Transition zone between subcritical and supercritical flow. – Small waves might start to appear on the water surface.
Fr > 1Supercritical Flow– Flow characterized by the formation of waves on the water surface. – Wave height and prominence increase with higher Froude numbers.

Example of Froude Number Calculator

Consider a scenario where we need to calculate the Froude number for a ship moving at a speed of 7.5 meters per second, with a length of 30 meters. Using the formula provided, we substitute the values accordingly:

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Fr = 7.5 / √(9.81*30)

By performing the calculation, users can determine the Froude number, which in turn helps in analyzing the ship’s performance under the influence of gravity, particularly in assessing its wave-making characteristics and overall efficiency in water.

Most Common FAQs

What is the significance of the Froude Number in engineering?

The Froude Number is vital for predicting the flow regimes in open channels, assessing ship stability and performance, and designing hydraulic structures by understanding the effect of gravity on fluid dynamics.

Can the Froude Number be greater than 1?

Yes, a Froude Number greater than 1 indicates supercritical flow, where the fluid velocity exceeds the wave speed, leading to different flow behavior and wave patterns compared to subcritical flow (Fr < 1).

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