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Audio Speed Calculator Online

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The wonders of technology have greatly affected the world of sound and audio, opening up possibilities that were once deemed unthinkable. One such advancement is the 'Audio Speed Calculator' - an essential tool that caters to the audio technology and sound engineering fields. This article unravels its intriguing aspects.


Audio speed refers to the rate at which audio is played or recorded. The speed affects the duration and the pitch of the sound. The 'Audio Speed Calculator' is a tool that allows users to calculate the desired speed or playback rate of an audio file based on a new duration.

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Understanding the Calculator

The Audio Speed Calculator is an algorithm-based tool that uses specific parameters to calculate new audio speed. With the help of an interactive and user-friendly interface, it requires inputs like original speed, original duration, and new desired duration of the audio. The tool processes these data to provide an accurate speed adjustment value.

The Audio Speed Calculation Formula

The formula utilized in this calculator is: New Speed = Original Speed x (New Duration / Original Duration)

  • New Speed is the desired speed or playback rate of the audio file.
  • Original Speed is the original speed or playback rate of the audio.
  • New Duration is the desired duration of the audio.
  • Original Duration is the original duration of the audio.
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Practical Example of Using the Calculator

For instance, consider an audio clip with an original speed of 1 unit/sec and an original duration of 60 seconds. If we wish to alter its duration to 30 seconds without affecting the pitch, the Audio Speed Calculator can help. By entering these values in the tool, we get the new speed as 2 units/sec.

Applications of the Calculator

  1. Sound Engineering: It aids sound engineers in audio manipulation tasks, such as adjusting a track's speed to fit within a specified duration.
  2. Audio Book Production: In audiobook creation, producers can use it to fit the narration within a desired time frame.

Most Common FAQs About Calculator

How does the Audio Speed Calculator work?

The calculator uses the formula: New Speed = Original Speed x (New Duration / Original Duration). It takes the original speed, original duration, and new desired duration as inputs and provides the new speed as output.


The Audio Speed Calculator is a significant development in the audio technology field, simplifying the process of audio speed calculation. With its user-friendly interface, accurate results, and broad application range, it has become an invaluable asset for sound engineers, audio editors, and producers alike.

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