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Pushrod Length Calculator: Optimizing Engine Performance

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Understanding and calculating the pushrod length in an engine is crucial to ensuring optimal engine performance. This article introduces the Pushrod Length Calculator, a tool designed to make this calculation straightforward and hassle-free.

Understanding Pushrod Length

In an internal combustion engine, the pushrod is part of the valve train, the group of components responsible for operating the engine’s valves. The pushrod’s length is significant because it affects the timing of the valve opening and closing, thereby impacting engine performance.

To compute the optimal pushrod length, we employ the following formula:

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Pushrod Length = (Valve Lift - Cam Lift) * Rocker Arm Ratio

How the Pushrod Length Calculator Works

The Pushrod Length Calculator requires three inputs:

  1. Rocker Arm Ratio: This is the ratio of the distance from the rocker arm’s center of rotation to the tip, to the distance from the center of rotation to the pushrod.
  2. Cam Lift: This is the distance the cam lobe lifts the lifter.
  3. Valve Lift: This is the total distance the valve is lifted off its seat.

After inputting these values, click ‘Calculate’ to compute the pushrod length. To perform a new calculation, press the ‘Reset’ button.

Practical Example Using the Pushrod Length Calculator

Let’s assume we have an engine with a rocker arm ratio of 1.5, a cam lift of 0.3 inches, and a valve lift of 0.45 inches.

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By plugging these values into the Pushrod Length Calculator, we obtain:

Pushrod Length = (0.45 inches - 0.3 inches) * 1.5 = 0.225 inches

This result indicates that the optimal pushrod length for this engine is 0.225 inches.


The Pushrod Length Calculator is a simple, intuitive tool that assists engine builders and enthusiasts in calculating the optimal pushrod length. With its help, you can make precise adjustments to your engine, maximizing its performance and reliability. Remember, the optimal pushrod length can vary depending on the engine’s specific characteristics, so always check your calculations against your engine’s manufacturer’s specifications.

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