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ACCA Duct Calculator Online

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Understanding and accurately calculating duct sizes in HVAC installations is a pivotal part of achieving energy efficiency and comfortable conditions. The ACCA Duct Calculator emerges as an essential tool, simplifying the complex calculations needed to accurately size ducts.

Definition of the ACCA Duct Calculator

An ACCA Duct Calculator is a tool used to calculate the size of the duct required for a specific airflow based on velocity pressure constant and total pressure constant. These constants depend on factors such as the duct system type, the duct shape, and desired airflow velocity.

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How the ACCA Duct Calculator Works

The calculator requires three inputs – airflow in cubic feet per minute (CFM), velocity pressure constant, and total pressure constant. It uses these values in a straightforward formula to determine the duct size. Importantly, these calculations are based on guidelines from the ACCA’s Manual D, the industry standard for ductwork design.

Formula and Variable Description

The formula used in the Calculator is

Duct Size (square inches) = Airflow in CFM / (Velocity pressure constant x Total pressure constant).

The airflow in CFM is the volume of air that passes through a specific area in one minute. The constants relate to factors unique to each HVAC installation and can be obtained from Manual D or specialized software.

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Example Calculation

For example, suppose we have an airflow of 1000 CFM, a velocity pressure constant of 0.5, and a total pressure constant of 2. Plugging these values into our formula gives a duct size of 1000 / (0.5 x 2), equating to a 1000 square-inch duct size.

Applications of ACCA Duct Calculator

Residential HVAC Installation:

Accurate duct sizing is critical in residential HVAC installations. Improper sizing can lead to uneven temperature distribution and increased energy consumption.

Commercial HVAC Design:

In commercial settings, precise duct sizing is essential due to the larger scale of systems and the diversity of building layouts and usage.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I use the ACCA Duct Calculator for any duct system?

Yes, the ACCA Duct Calculator is versatile and can be used for various duct systems, including flexible, metal, and duct board systems. However, the specific constants may vary.


Proper duct sizing is integral to efficient HVAC installations, and the Calculator simplifies this process. This tool allows professionals to design HVAC systems that provide maximum comfort and efficiency, ensuring optimal performance.

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