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Petrol Injector Duty Cycle Calculator Online

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In automotive engineering, one term you might frequently encounter is “Petrol Injector Duty Cycle”. This term refers to the proportion of time a fuel injector in a petrol engine is open, injecting fuel, compared to its total cycle time. Our tool, the Petrol Injector Duty Cycle Calculator, aids in providing this essential information easily and accurately.

How Does the Petrol Injector Duty Cycle Calculator Work?

Our Petrol Injector Duty Cycle Calculator operates based on a fundamental formula. It leverages this formula to compute the duty cycle, using input variables like the flow rate, number of injectors, engine horsepower (HP), and Brake Specific Fuel Consumption (BSFC).

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Understanding the Formula and Its Variables

The formula used in the calculator is as follows:

Duty Cycle (%) = (Flow Rate (lb/hr) / Number of Injectors) / (Engine HP * BSFC) * 100

  • Flow Rate: Maximum amount of fuel each injector can flow per hour
  • Number of Injectors: Total number of injectors in your engine
  • Engine HP: Horsepower of your engine
  • BSFC: Amount of fuel consumed per horsepower per hour

Example Use Case: Calculating Duty Cycle

Let’s say we have an engine with a 50 lb/hr flow rate, four injectors, 300 HP, and a BSFC of 0.5. We get a duty cycle of around 83.33% by plugging these values into our calculator. This means the injectors are open and injecting fuel 83.33% of the time.

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Practical Applications of a Petrol Injector Duty Cycle Calculator

Understanding the petrol injector duty cycle is crucial for optimal engine performance and longevity. It can help tune the engine, choose the correct fuel injectors, and troubleshoot engine performance issues. Thus, our calculator is invaluable for mechanics, engineers, and car enthusiasts alike.

Most Common FAQs

What is a good injector duty cycle?

Ideally, a petrol injector duty cycle should be around 85% at full throttle. This allows for a safety margin to prevent the injectors from running at their maximum capacity, which can lead to wear and possible failure.


The Petrol Injector Duty Cycle Calculator is a vital tool for anyone seeking to enhance engine performance or better understand the nuances of their vehicle’s engine. Its ability to provide accurate duty cycle values demystifies one of the critical aspects of automotive engineering.

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