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Injector Size Calculator Online

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An Injector Size Calculator is a crucial tool designed to determine the correct size of fuel injectors required for an internal combustion engine to achieve optimal performance.

How Does the Injector Size Calculator Work?

This calculator primarily focuses on four parameters: the engine’s Horsepower (HP), the number of injectors, Brake Specific Fuel Consumption (BSFC), and the Duty Cycle. Each of these variables plays a significant role in the functioning of an engine.

The engine HP is a measurement of power that the engine produces. The number of injectors indicates how many fuel injectors are there. The BSFC is a measure of the fuel efficiency of the engine. Lastly, the Duty Cycle measures the fraction of time a system is in an “active” state.

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Understanding the Formula

The formula used in the Injector Size Calculator is as follows:

Injector Size (lb/hr) = (Engine HP * BSFC) / (Number of Injectors * Duty Cycle)

In this formula, the engine HP and BSFC are multiplied, and the result is divided by the product of the number of injectors and the Duty Cycle.

A Detailed Example

Let’s assume an engine has an HP of 300, it uses four injectors, has a BSFC of 0.5, and operates at a Duty Cycle of 0.8. Plugging these values into the formula would yield:

Injector Size = (300 * 0.5) / (4 * 0.8) = 46.875 lb/hr

This result means that each injector should be capable of delivering approximately 47 lb/hr for the engine to operate optimally.

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The Injector Size Calculator is widely used in the automotive industry to assess the fuel efficiency of an engine and determine the right injectors for different engine types. Whether for a car modification, upgrade, or repair, the Injector Size Calculator is a reliable tool to ensure optimal engine performance. It also assists mechanics and engineers in making informed decisions, ensuring the engine’s longevity and improved fuel consumption.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the number of injectors affect the calculation?

The number of injectors plays a crucial role in the calculation. More injectors typically lead to a lower lb/hr value per injector, maintaining an efficient fuel distribution.

Can I use the Injector Size Calculator for any engine type?

Yes, the Injector Size Calculator can be used for any internal combustion engine as long as the required parameters are known.


The Calculator is an indispensable tool for understanding and enhancing engine performance. By knowing your engine HP, number of injectors, BSFC, and Duty Cycle, you can determine the ideal injector size to maximize efficiency and longevity of your engine. Use the Injector Size Calculator and stay ahead of your engine’s performance!

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