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Compressed Air Dryer Sizing Calculator Online

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When it comes to the realm of pneumatic systems, sizing a compressed air dryer correctly is crucial. This process ensures the efficiency of system operations and prevents undue expenditures. In this article, we delve into the intricacies of compressed air dryer sizing calculations to enable optimization of your systems for peak performance.


A compressed air dryer is a device engineered to eradicate water vapor present in compressed air systems. The sizing calculation, on the other hand, pertains to determining the precise capacity of the dryer necessary to handle a particular amount of airflow, typically quantified in cubic feet per minute (CFM). The sizing of the air dryer ensures its ability to effectively remove moisture, even under varied conditions.

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Working Explanation

The compressed air dryer sizing calculator employs a straightforward formula to ascertain the minimum dryer rating essential for a specific compressor output. By multiplying the compressor output (in CFM) by a factor of 1.2, we derive the required rating for the dryer. This 1.2 multiplier is generally accepted as a standard due to the fluctuation in operational conditions such as temperature, pressure, and specific humidity levels.

Formula and Variable Description

Here's the formula used:

Dryer Rating (in CFM) = Compressor Output (in CFM) * 1.2


  • Dryer Rating is the minimum capacity the dryer should have, measured in CFM.
  • Compressor Output is the quantity of compressed air generated by the compressor, measured in CFM.
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For instance, if your air compressor has an output of 500 CFM, the calculation for the minimum dryer rating would be:

Dryer Rating = 500 CFM * 1.2 = 600 CFM

In this case, you would need a dryer rated at a minimum of 600 CFM to handle the output of your air compressor effectively.


Understanding the compressed air dryer sizing calculation is crucial for maintaining the efficiency of your compressed air system. By using the right dryer size, you can ensure optimal performance and prevent potential problems associated with moisture in compressed air. Always remember to account for changes in operating conditions and consult with experts if necessary to ensure you have the right equipment for your specific needs.

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