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Compressibility Factor Calculator Online

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In the world of gases and fluids, the compressibility factor plays a pivotal role. It provides essential insights into the behavior of gases under various conditions. This factor is so significant that it warrants a dedicated calculator. The compressibility factor calculator employs scientific equations and principles to determine the precise value for different gases. Let's delve into the nuances of how this calculator works, the formula it uses, and an example to illustrate its application.


The compressibility factor, also known as Z-factor, is a dimensionless value that describes the deviation of a real gas from the ideal gas behavior. It's calculated using the pressure, volume, and temperature of the gas, along with its specific constants. The compressibility factor calculator simplifies this calculation, allowing for accurate determinations of Z-factor under varying conditions.

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Calculator Working Explanation

The compressibility factor calculator is a tool that simplifies the calculation of the compressibility factor of a gas using the van der Waals equation of state for gases. The calculator requires specific inputs, namely, the pressure, volume, temperature of the gas, and the amount of the gas. By inputting these values, the calculator quickly performs the necessary calculations to provide the compressibility factor.

Formula and Variable Description

The van der Waals equation employed is as follows:

Z = [P + a(n/v)^2] * [v / (nR * T)]


  • P is the pressure,
  • V is the volume,
  • T is the temperature,
  • n is the amount of substance,
  • R is the ideal gas constant,
  • a is the van der Waals constant specific to the gas,
  • Z is the compressibility factor, which is a dimensionless value.
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Let's consider an example where the pressure P is 1000 Pa, volume V is 1 m³, temperature T is 300 K, and the amount of substance n is 1 mole. Assume the gas constant R to be 8.314 J/(mol·K), and the Van der Waals constant a is 0.42748.

Substituting these values into the equation, we get:

Z = [1000 + 0.42748(1/1)^2] * [1 / (1 * 8.314 * 300)] Z = 0.821

This means that the gas deviates from ideal behavior by a factor of 0.821.


The compressibility factor calculator provides a swift and accurate method to compute the Z-factor for a gas, incorporating the pressure, volume, and temperature, along with the gas's specific constants. Understanding how this calculator works and the formula it uses can be immensely helpful for those working in fields that regularly deal with gases. While this calculator serves as an excellent starting point, it's always crucial to consider other real-world factors that may influence the behavior of gases.

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