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Square to Octagon Calculator Online

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The Square to Octagon Calculator is a specialized tool designed to convert the dimensions of a square into the corresponding dimensions of an octagon with equal side lengths. This calculation is particularly useful for various applications in mathematics, geometry, architecture, and design, where a precise conversion is required. The calculator simplifies the process, providing accurate results instantly without the need for manual calculations, making it an essential tool for professionals and enthusiasts alike.

Formula of Square to Octagon Calculator

To accurately convert a square's dimensions to those of an octagon, the following formula is used:

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Octagon side length = Square side length * √(2 + √2)


  • Octagon side length is the length of each side of the octagon.
  • Square side length is the length of each side of the square.

This formula is derive from geometric principles and ensures the accuracy of the conversion, preserving the integrity of the shapes involved.

General Terms Table

For convenience, here's a table of common square side lengths and their corresponding octagon side lengths. This table serves as a quick reference, eliminating the need for calculations for standard sizes.

Square Side Length (units)Octagon Side Length (units)

*Note: These values are round to four decimal places for ease of reading.

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Example of Square to Octagon Calculator

To demonstrate how the calculator works, let's consider a square with a side length of 4 units. Using the formula:

Octagon side length = 4 * √(2 + √2) ≈ 5.2262 units

This means that to convert a square with a side length of 4 units into an octagon with equal side lengths, each side of the octagon would be approximately 5.2262 units long.

Most Common FAQs

Q1: Why is the conversion from square to octagon important?

A1: The conversion is crucial for various applications, including architecture and design, where precise geometric transformations are necessary for aesthetic or structural reasons.

Q3: Is the calculator accurate?

A3: Yes, the calculator is design to provide highly accurate results based on the mathematical formula for conversion. It eliminates the margin of error associated with manual calculations.

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