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Spherical Coordinates to Cartesian Calculator Online

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In the realm of mathematics and physics, understanding the conversion from spherical to Cartesian coordinates is pivotal. This knowledge not only aids in the comprehension of complex geometrical shapes but also finds applications in diverse fields such as engineering, astrophysics, and computer graphics. The Spherical Coordinates to Cartesian Calculator emerges as a tool of immense utility by simplifying this conversion process. It enables users to effortlessly convert coordinates represented in the spherical system (defined by radial distance, polar angle, and azimuthal angle) into the Cartesian system (defined by x, y, and z coordinates), making the mathematical visualization and analysis more accessible and straightforward.

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formula of Spherical Coordinates to Cartesian Calculator

Here are the formulas for converting spherical coordinates (ρ, θ, φ) to Cartesian coordinates (x, y, z):

x = ρ sin(φ) cos(θ) y = ρ sin(φ) sin(θ) z = ρ cos(φ)


  • ρ (rho) is the radial distance from the origin.
  • θ (theta) is the polar angle, ranging from 0 to 2π.
  • φ (phi) is the azimuthal angle, ranging from 0 to π.

These formulas are fundamental in translating the position of a point from one coordinate system to another, thereby enhancing the understanding of spatial relationships and geometrical properties.

General Terms and Calculations

TermDescriptionExample Values
ρ (rho)Radial distance from the origin to the point1, 5, 10
θ (theta)Polar angle in the xy-plane from the positive x-axis0, π/6, π/4, π/2
φ (phi)Azimuthal angle from the positive z-axis0, π/3, π/2, π
x (Cartesian)x-coordinate in Cartesian system, from ρ sin(φ) cos(θ)Calculate using the formula
y (Cartesian)y-coordinate in Cartesian system, from ρ sin(φ) sin(θ)Calculate using the formula
z (Cartesian)z-coordinate in Cartesian system, from ρ cos(φ)Calculate using the formula

Example of Spherical Coordinates to Cartesian Calculator

An illustrative example significantly aids in understanding. Suppose a point in spherical coordinates is given as (5, π/4, π/6). To find its Cartesian coordinates, we apply the conversion formulas:

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x = 5 * sin(π/6) * cos(π/4) y = 5 * sin(π/6) * sin(π/4) z = 5 * cos(π/6)

Calculating these values offers a tangible demonstration of how the calculator translates between coordinate systems, thus solidifying the user’s comprehension.

Most Common FAQs

How Accurate is the Conversion from Spherical to Cartesian Coordinates?

The conversion relies on mathematical formulas, ensuring highly accurate results. However, the precision might depend on the specific values entered and the calculator’s implementation.

Can I Convert Negative Coordinates?

Yes, the calculator supports the conversion of points with negative coordinates. In spherical coordinates, negative radial distances are not typically used, but negative angles can be adjusted to their positive counterparts within their defined ranges.

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What Applications Utilize This Calculator?

This calculator finds applications in various fields such as computer graphics for rendering scenes, engineering for analyzing stress on spherical objects, and astrophysics for mapping the positions of stars and planets.

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