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Boom Angle Calculator | Calculating the Perfect Angle

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Understanding angles is critical in many fields, from construction to filmmaking. The Boom Angle Calculator is a practical tool that simplifies this task, enabling users to find the precise boom angle based on the boom height and length.


The "boom angle" in the Boom Angle Calculator is a term associated with cranes and other lifting equipment. It represents the angle between the boom—a crane’s extended arm—and a horizontal line. This angle is crucial for safe and effective lifting operations.

How the Boom Angle Calculator Works

The Boom Angle Calculator uses trigonometry to determine the angle. Specifically, it employs the formula for the inverse tangent (or arctangent) of the boom height over the boom length. This method allows for accurate calculations, even with large boom heights and lengths.

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The Boom Angle Formula and Its Variables

The Boom Angle Formula is


BA stands for Boom Angle, expressed in degrees. BH refers to the boom height, and BL represents the boom length. Both the boom height and length are measured in feet. The inverse tangent, ATAN, converts the ratio of the height to the length into an angle.

Practical Example

For example, if the boom height is 45 feet and the horizontal length is 43 feet, you can determine the Boom Angle using the formula. It comes out to 46.3 degrees, after substituting the given values into the formula.

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Applications of the Boom Angle Calculator


In construction, it's crucial to calculate the exact boom angle to ensure safe and efficient lifting and moving of materials.


Filmmakers also use boom angles to position cameras for unique shots, requiring precise calculations for perfect execution.

Search and Rescue Operations

Search and rescue teams employ boom angle calculations for effective aerial extraction or deployment of resources.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of calculating the boom angle?

The boom angle calculation is crucial for safe and efficient operations in several fields, such as construction, filmmaking, and rescue operations. It ensures the correct positioning and operation of the boom to prevent accidents and enhance performance. 

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What units are used in the Boom Angle Calculator?

The Boom Angle is measured in degrees, while the boom height and length are measured in feet. These standard measurements ensure accuracy and ease of use across various industries.


The Boom Angle Calculator is a vital tool in several industries, assisting in the precise calculation of boom angles for safer and more efficient operations. Understanding its workings and applications is key to maximizing its utility.

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