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BCT Calculator | Demystifying the Box Crush Test

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The Box Crush Test Calculator is a vital tool that aids in the assessment of the strength of a cardboard box. BCT calculator, utilizing a specific formula, delivers a reliable measure of box strength based on the Edge Crush Test (ECT), box perimeter, and box thickness.


The Calculator is a computational tool that applies the Box Crush Test formula to determine the strength of a corrugated box. By inputting the Edge Crush Test value, box perimeter, and box thickness, users can gauge the box's ability to withstand loads and pressures during transportation and storage.

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How Does a Calculator Work?

The Calculator works by using the given formula: BCT=5.876∗ECT∗SQRT(P∗T). Users input the Edge Crush Test (ECT) value, box perimeter (P), and box thickness (T). The calculator then applies these values to the formula to determine the Box Crush Test value, which represents the box's strength.

BCT Formula and Variable Descriptions


Each variable represents the following:

  • BCT is the Box Crush Test value.
  • ECT is the Edge Crush Test value.
  • P is the box perimeter, measured in inches.
  • T is the box thickness, also measured in inches.


For instance, if the ECT is 130, the box perimeter (P) is 45 inches, and the box thickness (T) is 5 inches, the BCT would be calculated as follows:

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BCT = 5.876130SQRT(45*5) = 11458.2

Applications of

The BCT Calculator has several applications:

  • Packaging Industry: It is used to determine the suitability of a box for packaging goods.
  • Shipping Industry: It helps in selecting the appropriate box for shipping various items.
  • Storage Solutions: It helps in choosing boxes that can withstand long-term storage conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What does the BCT Calculator measure?

The BCT Calculator measures the strength of a box using the Box Crush Test (BCT) formula.

Can the BCT Calculator be used for all types of boxes?

While the BCT Calculator is most commonly used for corrugated boxes, it can give a rough estimate for other box types if the necessary input values are available.


The BCT Calculator is an indispensable tool for industries dealing with packaging, shipping, and storage. By providing a measure of box strength, it enables these industries to make informed decisions, ultimately ensuring product safety and integrity.

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