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Suction Lift Calculator Online

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The Suction Lift Calculator is designed to calculate the Net Positive Suction Head available (NPSHa) for pumping systems. This calculation is essential to prevent pump cavitation, a condition where vapor bubbles form in the liquid being pumped due to low pressure, potentially causing damage to the pump. By accurately assessing suction lift, the calculator aids in selecting the appropriate pump for a given application, ensuring efficiency and longevity of the system.

Formula of Suction Lift Calculator

Suction Lift (NPSHa) = Pb - (Ls + Vp + hf + NPSHR)


  • Pb = Atmospheric pressure (usually assumed to be 1 bar or 33.9 ft of head for simplicity)
  • Ls = Friction losses in the suction pipe (meters)
  • Vp = Vapor pressure of the liquid (depends on temperature, consult tables or online calculators)
  • hf = NPSH Margin (safety factor, typically 0.5 meters)
  • NPSHR = Net Positive Suction Head Required by the pump (specified by the pump manufacturer, meters)
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Practical Guide

To aid in the practical application of the Suction Lift Calculator, below is a table of general terms frequently encountered:

PbAtmospheric pressureBar or ft of head
LsFriction lossesMeters
VpVapor pressureBar
hfNPSH MarginMeters
NPSHRNet Positive Suction Head RequiredMeters

Further, for ease of use, consider incorporating conversion calculators for units such as pressure and length, which are directly relevant to suction lift calculations.

Example of Suction Lift Calculator

Imagine a scenario where you need to calculate the suction lift for a water pump system. Assuming an atmospheric pressure of 1 bar, friction losses of 0.3 meters, a vapor pressure of 0.023 bar, an NPSH margin of 0.5 meters, and an NPSHR of 2 meters, the calculation would be as follows:

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Suction Lift (NPSHa) = 1 - (0.3 + 0.023 + 0.5 + 2) = -1.823 meters

This negative value indicates that the selected pump might not be suitable under the given conditions, prompting a reassessment of the system design.

Most Common FAQs

Q1: Can the Lift Calculator be use for all types of liquids?

A1: Yes, the calculator can be use for any liquid, provided you have the necessary data, especially the liquid’s vapor pressure at the operating temperature.

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