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Burn Compensation Calculator Online

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Burn injuries can be both physically and emotionally devastating. As part of recovery, victims often seek compensation for their injuries. The Burn Compensation Calculator comes into play to provide an initial estimate of potential claim amounts.


The Burn Compensation Calculator is a digital tool designed to provide a rough estimate of compensation that a burn injury victim might expect. It considers the burn's severity and translates it into potential monetary compensation figures.

How the Burn Compensation Calculator Works

The calculator operates based on a severity scale ranging from 1 (minor injury) to 5 (severe injury). By inputting the severity of the burn, the calculator provides a corresponding compensation range based on typical compensation figures observed in burn injury cases.

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Understanding the Formula and Variables

The calculator uses a pre-defined array of compensation ranges corresponding to each severity level. This is not a mathematical formula, but a mapping of severity to an estimated compensation range. The variable in this case is the user-inputted severity of the burn.

Example of Using the Burn Compensation Calculator

For instance, if a user inputs a severity level of 3 (indicating a severe burn injury), the calculator will output the corresponding compensation range (£19,250 – £83,550), providing a rough estimate for potential compensation.


1. Personal Injury Claims

The calculator can help victims and their families understand potential compensation ranges, aiding in setting realistic expectations.

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2. Legal Consultations

Lawyers and legal consultants can use this tool as a preliminary step in assessing a case's value.

3. Personal Use

Individuals interested in understanding the compensation process can use this calculator to gain basic knowledge.

Frequently Asked Questions

How accurate is the Burn Compensation Calculator?

While the calculator provides a useful starting point, it should not be considered as an absolute or final estimate. Compensation amounts depend on numerous factors beyond the severity of the burn, including the victim's circumstances and the details of the accident.


The Calculator is a beneficial tool in preliminary burn injury compensation discussions. However, due to the complexities involved in such cases, it is crucial to seek professional legal advice for a comprehensive understanding and accurate assessment of potential compensation.

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