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California Lemon Law Buyback Calculator Online

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Understanding the intricacies of California’s Lemon Law can be complex, particularly when calculating potential buybacks. A California Lemon Law Buyback Calculator simplifies this process, allowing you to estimate your compensation in cases of faulty vehicles.


In California’s Lemon Law, a “buyback” refers to the process where the manufacturer purchases back a defective vehicle from the consumer. The buyback calculator calculates the possible amount to be received based on specific variables like the purchase price and mileage when the defect was first reported.

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Detailed Explanation of Calculator’s Working

The California Lemon Law Buyback Calculator works by considering the vehicle’s original purchase price and the mileage at the time the first defect was reported. It uses these two pieces of information to estimate the buyback amount, ensuring the calculations align with the guidelines provided by California’s Lemon Law.

Formula and Variable Descriptions

The formula used in the calculator is:

Buyback Amount = Original Purchase Price - ((Mileage at First Report of Defect / 120000) * Original Purchase Price)

Here, ‘Original Purchase Price’ refers to the cost of the vehicle when it was first bought. ‘Mileage at First Report of Defect’ pertains to the distance the vehicle covers when the first issue was noticed and reported.

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Suppose you purchased a car for $20,000; the first defect was reported at 30,000 miles. The calculated buyback would be $20,000 – ((30,000 / 120,000) * $20,000) = $15,000. Thus, the manufacturer would owe you $15,000.


A. Consumer Rights: The calculator helps consumers understand their rights and possible compensation under the California Lemon Law.

B. Legal Aid: Attorneys specializing in Lemon Law can use this tool to calculate potential client compensation quickly.


Can the calculator be used for vehicles purchased outside of California?

No. The calculator uses a formula specific to California Lemon Law. For other states, please refer to their respective Lemon Laws.


The Calculator is an instrumental tool in navigating the complexities of vehicle buybacks. While it provides a useful estimate, consulting with a legal professional is recommended to fully understand your case’s specifics.

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