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Braden Scale Calculator Online

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The Braden Scale Calculator is a valuable tool used in healthcare to assess the risk of developing pressure ulcers or bedsores in patients. It utilizes a scoring system based on various criteria related to a patient’s sensory perception, moisture, activity level, mobility, nutrition, and the risk of friction and shear. By summing up these scores, healthcare professionals can gauge the patient’s vulnerability to skin breakdown and take preventive measures accordingly.

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Formula of Braden Scale Calculator

The Braden Scale Score is determined by summing up scores from different categories:

  • Sensory Perception Score: Evaluates the patient’s ability to perceive discomfort or pain due to pressure.
  • Moisture Score: Assesses the level of skin dampness or dryness.
  • Activity Score: Considers the patient’s level of physical activity or immobility.
  • Mobility Score: Determines the extent of a patient’s movement or limitations.
  • Nutrition Score: Reflects the patient’s nutritional status.
  • Friction and Shear Score: Considers the risk of skin damage due to friction or shear forces.

Each category has its own scoring criteria, ranging from 1 to 4 or 1 to 3, where higher scores indicate better conditions.

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Table of Scores for Reference

Here’s a quick reference table for the scoring criteria:

Sensory Perception Score1 = Completely Limited
2 = Very Limited
3 = Slightly Limited
4 = No Impairment
Moisture Score1 = Constantly Moist
2 = Moist
3 = Occasionally Moist
4 = Rarely Moist
Activity Score1 = Bedfast
2 = Chairfast
3 = Walks Occasionally
4 = Walks Frequently
Mobility Score1 = Completely Immobile
2 = Very Limited
3 = Slightly Limited
4 = No Limitations
Nutrition Score1 = Very Poor
2 = Probably Inadequate
3 = Adequate
4 = Excellent
Friction and Shear Score1 = Problem
2 = Potential Problem
3 = No Apparent Problem

Example of Braden Scale Calculator

For instance, if a patient has scores of 3 for sensory perception, 2 for moisture, 4 for activity, 4 for mobility, 3 for nutrition, and 2 for friction and shear, their total Braden Scale Score would be 18.

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1. What is the Braden Scale used for?

The Braden Scale is utilized to assess the risk of developing pressure ulcers or bedsores in patients who may have limited mobility or other health conditions affecting skin integrity.

2. How often should the Braden Scale be used?

Healthcare providers typically use the Braden Scale on admission, regularly during hospital stays, and whenever a patient’s condition changes to monitor any alterations in risk levels.

3. Can the Braden Scale predict the exact likelihood of developing pressure ulcers?

While the Braden Scale is a useful tool, it provides an estimate and helps identify individuals at higher risk. However, it may not precisely predict the occurrence of pressure ulcers in every case.

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