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Swgemu Skill Calculator Online

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Star Wars Galaxies (SWG) continues to captivate gamers worldwide, despite its official servers shutting down years ago. Thanks to SWGEmu, an emulator project, players can still experience the excitement of the game, including its skill-based progression. And that’s where the SWGEmu Skill Calculator comes in handy.


The SWGEmu Skill Calculator is a web-based tool that helps players plan their character’s development. It calculates the skill point requirements for chosen skills, letting players allocate their points efficiently and strategically to maximize their characters’ abilities.

How Does the SWGEmu Skill Calculator Work?

Using the SWGEmu Skill Calculator is simple. You input the desired skills, and the calculator tells you how many skill points are needed. It’s designed to reflect SWGEmu’s intricate skill system, helping players plan their character’s progression in the game’s various skill trees and professions.

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The Formula Behind the SWGEmu Skill Calculator

The underlying formula for the SWGEmu Skill Calculator is based on the game’s skill point system. Each skill has a specific point cost associated with it, which varies based on the skill’s level, prerequisites, and importance. The calculator sums the cost of your chosen skills, providing the total skill points required.

Example of Using the SWGEmu Skill Calculator

Let’s assume you’re playing a bounty hunter and want to enhance your tracking skills. You input these into the calculator. The calculator then provides the total skill points you need to reach your desired proficiency, allowing you to allocate your points efficiently.

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Applications of the SWGEmu Skill Calculator

Planning Your Character’s Development

The SWGEmu Skill Calculator lets you plan your character’s skill progression strategically, ensuring you make the most out of your available skill points.

Experimenting With Different Builds

Using the calculator, you can try out various skill combinations, helping you experiment with different character builds without wasting valuable points in the game.

Most Common FAQs

1. What is the SWGEmu Skill Calculator? The SWGEmu Skill Calculator is a tool for the Star Wars Galaxies emulator, SWGEmu. It allows players to calculate the skill points needed for different skills, helping with strategic planning and character development.

2. How does the SWGEmu Skill Calculator work? The calculator works by summing up the point costs of the chosen skills. You enter your desired skills, and it provides the total skill points required.

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3. Is the SWGEmu Skill Calculator accurate? The SWGEmu Skill Calculator aims to be as accurate as possible, reflecting the point costs and prerequisites of skills in the SWGEmu. However, due to updates and changes, it’s always good to double-check with official SWGEmu resources.


The SWGEmu Skill Calculator is an invaluable tool for any Star Wars Galaxies player. Whether you’re a veteran bounty hunter or a rookie smuggler, it helps you strategize, experiment, and plan your character’s skill development. Happy gaming, and may the Force be with you!

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