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Synlawn Calculator Online

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Homeowners and contractors alike find the Synlawn calculator an invaluable tool when planning artificial turf installations. From estimating the required material to calculating total costs, this handy online resource offers a user-friendly solution for budgeting and planning your Synlawn project.


The Synlawn calculator is a digital tool designed to help calculate the area of a space that requires artificial turf installation, factoring in waste, and the cost of different Synlawn products. It is particularly helpful for landscaping projects, providing an estimate of the required base preparation, infill material, and overall cost.

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Detailed Explanation of the Calculator’s Working

The Synlawn calculator is based on simple inputs: length and width of the area to be covered. It then computes the total area and adjusts for waste using a standard waste factor of 10%. With product selection, users can view costs per square foot for various Synlawn products. Additionally, it estimates the base preparation and infill material quantities, providing an accurate cost breakdown.

Formulas and Variable Description

The Synlawn calculator uses basic mathematical formulas. The area (A) is determined by multiplying the length and width (A = Length x Width). Adjusted area (AA) is calculated by adding a 10% waste factor (AA = A + (A x 0.1)). The total cost is calculated by considering the area, product price per square foot, base preparation costs, infill material costs, and other expenses.

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For instance, a homeowner wishes to cover a backyard of 20ft x 15ft with Synlawn. The calculator computes the area as 300 sq ft and the adjusted area as 330 sq ft, considering the waste factor. Choosing a specific product and other preferences, the user will get an estimated total cost.


Homeowners: The Synlawn calculator aids homeowners in budgeting their landscaping projects by providing cost and material estimates.

Contractors: Contractors find it beneficial for creating quotes for potential clients, considering different Synlawn product costs, base preparation, and infill requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q2: Is the Synlawn calculator free to use?

Yes, the Synlawn calculator is a free online tool available for everyone to use.


Whether you’re a homeowner planning a DIY project or a contractor estimating for a client, the Synlawn calculator offers a user-friendly and efficient way to estimate your artificial grass needs. It simplifies the planning process, making it an essential tool for any Synlawn installation project.

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