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PoE Socket Calculator Onine

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The PoE (Path of Exile) Socket Calculator is a practical tool designed to help gamers. It determine the number of sockets available for Body Armors, Helmets, and Shields within the popular game, Path of Exile. Understanding how many sockets are available based on the item’s level is crucial for optimizing gameplay by strategically linking gems and enhancing character abilities.

Formula of PoE Socket Calculator

Body Armors, Helmets, and Shields in Path of Exile possess socket limitations depending on their item level:

  • Item level 1-35: Up to 3 sockets.
  • Item level 36-50: Up to 4 sockets.
  • Item level 51-65: Up to 5 sockets.
  • Item level 66+: Up to 6 sockets.

This straightforward formula aids gamers in quickly determining the maximum number of sockets based on the item level, facilitating better planning and decision-making during gameplay.

General Terms Table for Quick Reference

Item LevelMaximum Sockets

The table above provides a helpful reference for gamers, eliminating the need for manual calculations and making the socket determination process more accessible and efficient.

Example of PoE Socket Calculator

Suppose a player encounters a Body Armor with an item level of 45. By utilizing the PoE Socket Calculator, they can swiftly ascertain that this specific Body Armor can potentially have up to 4 sockets based on its item level.

Most Common FAQs

Q: How can I check the item level in Path of Exile?

A: In Path of Exile, you can check an item’s level by hovering over the item and pressing the ‘ALT’ key.

Q: Can items be modified to increase the number of sockets beyond the maximum allowed?

A: No, the maximum number of sockets an item can have is determined by its item level and cannot be altered.

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