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Destiny Light Calculator Online

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Welcome Guardians! Today, we are diving deep into one of Destiny’s essential tools – the Destiny Light Calculator.


The Destiny Light Calculator is a handy utility that helps you calculate the average power level of your gear in the popular game, Destiny. It offers players the capability to strategize their game based on their current gear.

Working of Calculator

The Calculator operates by taking into account three crucial variables: your equipped gear power level, the power level including the artifact power bonus, and the power level without the artifact power bonus.

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The calculator uses a simple yet effective formula: it averages the values of your equipped gear power level, the power level with the artifact bonus, and the power level without the bonus. By averaging these three values, it gives you the resultant light power level.


Let’s say you have an equipped gear power level of 1000, an artifact bonus power level of 100, and a power level of 900 without the bonus. The Destiny Light Calculator averages these values (1000 + 100 + 900) / 3, giving a resultant light power level of 1000.


In-game Power Boosting

The Calculator is an essential tool for in-game power boosting. By determining your average power level, you can strategically select gear and upgrades.

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Strategic Planning

Moreover, the calculator helps in effective strategic planning. Knowing your power level can significantly influence the battles you choose and the quests you undertake.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Destiny Light Calculator work?

The Destiny Light Calculator works by averaging the power level of your equipped gear, the power level with the artifact bonus, and the power level without the artifact bonus. This calculation helps determine your average power level.


In the realm of Destiny, power plays a vital role, and knowing your power level is a step toward victory. The Calculator is your companion in this journey, helping you strategize and navigate the game’s complexities. So, gear up, Guardian. Your destiny awaits!

Remember, a well-informed Guardian is a well-prepared Guardian. Keep exploring, keep learning. See you in the battle!

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