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Laundromat Profit Calculator Online

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A laundromat can be a lucrative business, but like any other business, tracking your profits is critical. Calculating profit isn’t always as straightforward as you might think, especially for a laundromat. Fortunately, there’s a tool that simplifies this process: the Laundromat Profit Calculator.

Definition of a Laundromat Profit Calculator

A Laundromat Profit Calculator is a digital tool used by laundromat owners to determine the profitability of their business. It factors in income generated from services and other income sources, and then subtracts total expenses to arrive at the net profit.

How Does a Laundromat Profit Calculator Work?

The calculator utilizes a simple formula: Profit = (Total Revenue – Total Expenses). Total revenue includes income from washing and drying services, plus any additional income sources. The calculator requires you to input the cost of each service, the number of services used, and any other income and total expenses.

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The Formula Behind the Laundromat Profit Calculator

The formula is a simple subtraction, but let’s delve into it:

  1. Total Revenue: Calculated as (Price per Service x Number of Services) + Other Sources of Income. The price per service is the cost that customers pay for each wash or dry cycle, and the number of services is the total number of wash and dry cycles in a specific period. Other sources of income could include vending machines, folding services, etc.
  2. Total Expenses: This includes utility costs, rent, salaries, and maintenance expenses, among other things.

Finally, Profit = Total Revenue – Total Expenses.

Example of Laundromat Profit Calculation

For instance, suppose a laundromat charges $3 per service, with 100 services used per day, and has other income of $50 per day. If their total expenses are $250 per day, the profit would be calculated as: Profit = (($3 x 100) + $50) – $250 = $100.

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Applications of a Laundromat Profit Calculator

Budgeting and Profit Forecasting

The calculator can help with budgeting and forecasting future profits. By adjusting the values based on predicted increases in prices or services used, you can get a good estimate of future profits.

Performance Tracking

The tool is also useful for tracking performance and identifying areas where costs could be reduced to increase profits.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the profit calculator help me decide whether to start a laundromat business?

Yes, it can. By researching and inputting average or estimated costs and revenues, you can get a preliminary idea of the profitability of a laundromat business.

Does the calculator consider depreciation of the machines?

No, the standard calculator does not factor in depreciation. However, you can include an estimated depreciation amount in the total expenses field.


Running a laundromat can be profitable, and having a tool like the Laundromat Profit Calculator at your disposal can make it easier to keep track of your profits. Remember, the accuracy of the calculator is only as good as the information you provide, so accurate record keeping is crucial.

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