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CODM Calculator Online

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The CODM (Call of Duty Mobile) calculator is a handy tool that helps gamers determine their Score Per Minute (SPM) in the popular mobile game, Call of Duty Mobile. SPM is a crucial metric that gauges a player’s efficiency in scoring points during a match. It indicates how many points a player can score in a minute of gameplay. Calculating your SPM can be especially useful for those looking to improve their gaming performance or compare their stats with others.


To calculate your SPM, you can use the following simple formula:

SPM = (Total Score / Time Played) * 60

This formula takes into account two essential variables:

  1. Total Score: The total number of points you’ve earned during a game.
  2. Time Played: The duration of the game in minutes.

By dividing the total score by the time played and then multiplying by 60 (to convert the result into points scored per minute), you can quickly determine your SPM.

CODM Calculator: General Terms and Conversions

KillThe act of eliminating an opponent in the game.
DeathWhen your character is defeated by an opponent.
AssistContributing to an opponent’s elimination.
ScorestreakSpecial in-game rewards for achieving objectives.
Objective PointsPoints earned for completing game objectives.
MultikillEliminating multiple opponents in quick succession.
HeadshotA shot that eliminates an opponent with a headshot.
AccuracyThe percentage of shots that hit their target.

Example of CODM Calculator

Let’s illustrate how to use the CODM calculator with an example:

Suppose you’ve played a Call of Duty Mobile match, and you scored a total of 800 points during a 12-minute game. To find your SPM:

SPM = (800 / 12) * 60 = 400

Your SPM for this game is 400.

Most Common FAQs

1. What’s a good SPM in CODM?

A good SPM in CODM can vary, but generally, an SPM above 300 is considered solid gameplay. However, the definition of “good” can be subjective, as it depends on your playstyle and objectives within the game.

2. How can I improve my SPM in CODM?

To improve your SPM, focus on objectives, assists, and staying alive. Completing objectives, assisting in eliminations, and avoiding frequent deaths will help boost your SPM.

3. Does SPM affect my rank in CODM?

While SPM doesn’t directly affect your rank, it’s an essential metric for gauging your gameplay efficiency. High SPM may indicate you’re contributing effectively to your team’s success.

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